Ignoring bodily health

Ignoring body health in youth may not lead to immediate bad consequences but sooner or later it will start impacting your life and you will be sicker and not functioning at your full potential. Make sure you eat healthy by staying away from over processed overly sugary foods as much as possible and start switching to a variety of certified organic food.

You don’t have to be religious about it because you can go without exercise for years if you lead an active life doing household chores and taking care of your offspring.  If you are leading a sedentary life with little movement start thinking about getting in about 20 minutes of walking or varied body movement about three times a week.

Being lazy or inactive

There is a current popular saying that a body at rest tends to stay at rest and one in motion tends to stay in motion. Get off your butt and start living life by doing something useful. Don’t be fearful of acquiring new knowledge on the internet and searching for goals which you would like to accomplish next in life. Do a little research by asking questions and getting answers. Start working towards a better job in small steps. If you waste your time looking for fun things to do it will cost you more money and stress you out financially and maybe even emotionally so start improving your knowledge on a subject with potential future application like a new and better job.

Avoid bad humans and bad experiences as much as possible

It may not be obvious but if you spend time with unhappy or miserable humans much of that will influence you and you will also be more unhappy with your life. Try to associate with optimistic happy humans and you will add happiness to your life. If you have a lousy job that is making you unhappy then start learning and planning for a better one. Associate with happy humans and a happy work environment and you will be happier for it.

Eliminate disorganization in small steps

Organize your workspace and make it neat and tidy. Replace your disorganized random work behavior and even personal life with one that operates on a schedule which uses your time wisely. Impulsively going through work or life is very inefficient and you can get much more done if you have an orderly environment and plan ahead for all the events in your work and life by the clock.

Don’t envy others lifestyles and material successes

Other humans will always seem to be doing better than you either with relationships or materially or exciting experiences. Don’t be envious because all that activity and material wealth is costing money and they are probably maxed out on their credit cards and in a financial hole which will make their great lifestyle come crashing down sooner or later. Live a simpler more efficient and thrifty life and you will avoid stressing out financially and emotionally.

Don’t try to please everyone

Don’t waste time and energy thinking whether you are wearing the right clothes, saying the right thing, or reacting properly to situations in your life. Try to please the most important humans in your life to some extent and that includes family and close friends but ignore what everyone else may think of you and stop trying to please them.

Plan for a new job before it chronically stresses you out

If your work load is getting almost unbearable or if you hate your job, you have terrible coworkers, and your job security is starting to be questionable then start looking for a new job or start educating yourself for a better next job before you become chronically stressed out.

Only robots are perfect

Don’t worry about not being perfect because no one can realistically be perfect or do everything right all the time. If you achieve most of your job goals and do so punctually and within acceptable standards then be satisfied with it because it probably won’t get any more perfect.

Don’t be financially illiterate

If you are not spending money with a budget and are spending money impulsively from paycheck to paycheck then learn to budget your money. What that basically means is that you should be saving up about 10% of it for a rainy day an/or your retirement and putting it into a savings account but not the stock market. Also don’t spend more than your monthly budget allows and if you do it for emergencies then take it out of your savings account but don’t develop a bad habit and constantly use savings to bail you out of overspending. Use a debit card if you can’t budget properly with a tempting credit card.


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