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The truth is that psychology and psychiatry is trying to replace religion and its traditional function in society and it is doing a very substandard job of it.

Psychiatry and psychology has no guiding moral code and the result is situation ethics where the end justifies the means and that means that it is OK to do something bad and immoral to achieve a greater relative good defined by a very biased emotionally opinionated subjective group of humans with the rights and power to do so.

Psychology and psychiatry are not a science which can prove cause and effect relationships using statistics. They will never be a science and all attempts to try to make them a science are great failures.

For example, one stupid fraudulent experiment was done to show a causal relationship between designer glasses, regular glasses, and the tendency of humans to cheat. The conclusion was that those humans who chose the designer glasses cheated more than those choosing the regular glasses. The fraudulent results showed a significant approximately 30% difference and tried to fraudulently prove the unprovable.

You can’t force causal relationships because there are more than two variables in all psychology and psychiatry experiments using general complex words or variables like cheating which always has many more than just one reason for cheating and it is impossible to determine which reason is affecting the results of their pseudo experiments.

A moral code which is so vital to the peaceful and orderly functioning of society without force or the threat of force is not something which science will never prove by measurement or statistics. Science has helped me to create the moral code based on concepts of energy efficiency in nature and the basic principal that no human or animal likes to be stolen from.

No human likes to be lied to and lying is deceptive and/or fraudulent stealing of the truth which is a subset of stealing but this logical conclusion is not something which the average human is capable of rationalizing but just may intuitively senses that lying to them is immoral or wrong.

It might be an interesting experiment to determine how compulsive liars react to being lied to and prove that being lied to is considered wrong intuitively. I admit that the conclusion to this experiment could disprove my assumption about intuitiveness. If being lied to is not considered wrong in this special case then all forms of stealing may not be biologically programmed to be bad experiences.

If another compulsive liar attracts rather than repulses a compulsive liar my assumption about intuitiveness may have special exceptions to the basic rule and it may not be applicable to every human. Can an intense or “strong” bonding relationship form between two compulsive liars lying to each other? My hypothesis is no, so prove me wrong.

Knowledge and understanding of human nature and wild nature and physics has all helped me to formulate a just moral code for both humans and wild animals and plants. If you can improve on it then be my guest and I will gladly discuss it.

Humans need a simplified just moral code to believe in and live by or they become confused and think that any behavior is possible and justifiable. I sense my behavior is good so I have a right to do it. No, individual human behavior must be subordinated for the betterment of the common good or society and this means that they must be indoctrinated to be truthful and not steal from one another if peaceful interaction will prevail.

No human should be subjected to the fearful trauma of having to live in a lying, deceiving, and stealing environment which is what wild animals have to battle with on a daily basis.

Being civilized by definition means living in a human world governed by just morality which eliminates the fearful trauma of living wild with predators threatening your existence almost every moment.

Mental illness or deviant behavior is the result when people are not governed by an internal moral force or intuitive thinking which keeps them automatically out of deviant behaviors.

Western youth does not have an inhibiting moral sense and it is leading to dysfunctional unproductive lives in society. The faster we get the new generation to believe in a guiding just morality the sooner will we emerge from the social and economic disaster which we are heading into at an alarming speed.

Humans need to intuitively believe what is right or wrong in their daily lives so that they can make wise and useful and fruitful choices impulsively. Situation ethics or relative ethical decisions have no place in the efficient just functioning of human society.

Science is not the ultimate source of all truth but is very relativistic and non judgmental and offers a thousand and one alternative human social structures or moral codes to choose from. Human logical reasoning ability must be used to supplement science facts and make traditional moral codes better for future human use. My moral code is just an update of religious moral codes which have worked rather badly in the past and must be changed for a new technological future society and ultimate one world rule.

There are rare exceptions which justify seemingly illegal means or immorality to achieve good ends. One example is lying or torturing during war to save a life or lives. If you see a gunman at your door and he has a weapon in hand and asks to see your son or daughter then you can lie and tell the gunman that your offspring is not home.

If there is a great probability that you know that thousands of lives of innocent civilians or military personnel may be saved if you can determine the location of a bomb and time is of the essence then you can torture an enemy suspect during time of war only.

Doing something bad or immoral, such as stealing private information, to minimize stealing on the internet or preventing cyber terrorism is another special case where private communications information can be gathered or stolen without a warrant.

The names of internet users, their location, telephone calls, and financial account info can be stolen which can potentially be used to convict drug pushing felons, international thieves, and international cyber terrorists.

Loss of privacy is the price which has to be paid for security from online thieves and cyber terrorists and it is up to the public to insure that the information gathering is in safe secure trustworthy hands.

Once the information has been gathered, including financial information, if the government detects criminal activity in an account then it should proceed to notify the court and ask for a warrant to use this information in a criminal prosecution and at the same time inform the accused that his financial records have been analyzed and there is proof of money laundering or other illegal use of funds.

It is obvious that information is potentially all powerful and it can be used to suppress political dissent and used to gain an unjust advantage of one business over another business which does not have privileged private information.

Can we trust the government with this private information on everyone? In an immoral society which does not function under a secular moral code the answer is NO. If those gathering private information are well screened, moral, and impartial gatherers of information then the answer would be YES!!!!!! So lets quickly start on the road to creating more of those future trustworthy individuals by mandating a moral code in elementary schools across the nation and in every country of the world so we can insure that we will have a rich resource of trustworthy future individuals to run the country and world in a just way and minimize national and international crime.

How do you insure that gatherers of private information are trustworthy and will not divulge this information for personal gain or the benefit of third parties? If the humans in question have not had a moral upbringing and can’t prove a record of impartial judging ability then they should be disqualified as potential information gatherers. If they have an excellent ┬ápublic record for honesty and impartial judgment then they can qualify to be an information gatherer.

How do you guarantee an excellent reputation and impartiality? The information gatherers should be humans who have studied law and have served many years and have a reputation as impartial judges in criminal and civil prosecutions. Yes, impartial trustworthy excellent reputation should be those similar to standards for supreme court judges with impeccable credentials.

They would be scrutinized by both political parties and if approved be appointed by the president to a position of Supreme Gatherer of Information who would have responsibility for an information gathering organization of previous judges who would be in charge of releasing private information for use in criminal prosecutions throughout the nation or world.

The above reasons all point to the fact that the secular government must have a secular moral code under which it functions to maintain trust with the public that it will not use private information as an unjust advantage to reward special interests at the expense of the private individual. The government should be gathering a huge data bank of information so that criminals or potential enemies of the country can be traced to a location at any time necessary.

No anonymous users of the internet should be permitted to function and communications devices should eventually be technologically programmed to only accept the owner as a user of the device to avoid second party misuse of the device.

You can invent electronic devices which bypass most of the security measures installed but preventing stealing, criminal activity, and enemy espionage is an ongoing cat and mouse game which hopefully the government will win and ensure trustworthy communications for the individual citizen everywhere in the nation or world.

One final communication. For world government to succeed there will also have to be a position of WORLD SUPREME INFORMATION GATHERER. This human will have to have an international reputation as a just and impartial judge worldwide. Countries of the world will vote in favor of or against such a human with proportional voting rights based on their nations population. Thus the most populous nations would have larger voting rights than the less populous ones.

This WORLD SUPREME INFORMATION GATHERER would have all the financial information on all the organizations and citizens in a country anywhere in the world and would analyze the information for criminal or illegal activity. Upon finding such criminal or illegal activity the country in question would be notified and asked to take legal action against those national or international criminals working or operating out of the country.

If the country does not take legal action against the criminal or illegal activity then economic sanctions could be taken or a threat to impoverish the country could be made. No military force is necessary to coerce that country into compliance.

Money is power and the threat of its loss should be enough to get the criminal promoting country in line.

How do you get the United States, Europe, China, and Russia to agree on a World Supreme Information Gatherer? There must be a worldwide secular moral code in all the above countries to make it possible. As long as the leadership in any country is not willing to institute the moral code in the country for all its citizens and the leadership included there will be no unity of opinion in the world and a trustworthy judging leader is not possible.

A repeat of the necessary worldwide moral code. Don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder!!!!!!

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