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Women or men in their reproductive years who are divorced or have lost a spouse and are morning the loss and can’t seem to make a new love connection.

Financially handicapped women or men who are looking for a spouse to restore the middle class lifestyle to which they have been accustomed to.

Delusional young women and men without a job looking for true love which they hope will offset a major financial handicap.

Delusional women who lie about their looks and continue to disappoint the men they meet with and delusional retired men wanting women 40 years younger but not being able to perform sexually and not wanting offspring.

Women past their prime who have had many relationships good and bad and are looking for companionship more than financial support because they are making a decent income.

Women who have lost interest in sex but may be still pretending to have an interest to attract a man.

Men interested in sex but no longer having real successful sex because of impaired virility.

Men looking to score sexually on the next women in a seemingly endless line of serial sexual relationships without a desire to commit to marriage.

CONCLUSION: Most humans want a perfect mate who is attractive, has a good paying job, and a good personality but will rarely find this complete combination on the internet or in real life because most of them are happily married.

The solution to this dilemma is to start an online dating service for good paying jobholders who can perform sexually and sincerely state that they are interested in a long duration commitment or marriage.

The dating service should charge much money for the service and have a screening process which eliminates the liars or pretenders who don’t give an accurate profile of themselves. This will exclude the frustrating experience of dating and looking for that needle in a haystack successful relationship for those who deserve to be in a happy relationship and have earned that right.

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