Be kind to everyone unless you are the boss and disciplining a worker for not performing on the job

Treating humans with affection, infrequent loving, and respect will not only make you mentally feel good but it will increase the probability that your future relationship with the human will be a trusting and closer one.

Humans who are treated nicely will frequently reciprocate and treat you nicely in return.


See problems as challenges and not unpleasant tasks

Face all your problems with optimism and confidence that you can resolve them and view them as challenges and not unpleasant events in your life. You will be happier while solving them.


Be thankful for what you have even though it may not be the best of everything

“The happiest humans don’t have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything which they have”. Being thankful for what you have is better than yearning and stressing over what you don’t have in your life. You can make realistic plans to get what you don’t have if it is a realistic goal but if it is not realistic then don’t fret or stress about it since it will only make you unhappier than you can be.


Make realistic goals by aiming for the next level of improvement in your life and not the top

Most humans dream too big and preoccupy themselves with daydreaming about becoming president or chairman of a company or a celebrity. Be realistic and plan to make it to the next level in the hierarchy of authority and stop dreaming about becoming what you realistically won’t ever become unless you feel yourself to be extremely gifted or talented.


Don’t agonize over small problems

Small problems frequently get solved successfully or they go away by themselves given enough time. Concentrate on the important things in your life and work and don’t make yourself unhappy over the trivial problems in your life.


Say nice things about others unless they are behaving immorally

Being nice is a good feeling which you should have more of and unless a person is behaving immorally and lying or stealing. You should communicate good things about them and not bad things and especially avoid gossiping which may not be the truth about a human and may hurt your reputation as a truth teller.


Don’t make excuses

If you make a mistake then own up to it and find ways to change so that it won’t exist again. Rarely there will be an accident on the interstate and you will show up late for work with a truly good reason or excuse but in most cases saying you were caught in heavy traffic is not a valid excuse because you should have left earlier for work to compensate for it. It is usually your fault that you made a mistake and you should definitely not be making up valid sounding excuses which are lies to cover up your mistakes in life.


Live in the moment

Be happy doing what you are in the present and don’t stress yourself out worrying about the past which you can’t change and worrying about the future bad situations which may not happen at all. There is a difference in planning for the future and worrying about all the things which can possibly go wrong and may not. Even if you are in a bad job with bad coworkers do the best you can and make plans for a future new job or prepare yourself for a better one. Take care of your responsibilities in the present with a happy approach and make realistic steps in the present to make tomorrow even better.


Schedule your life

Humans on a schedule are more efficient and get more things done and are frequently happier than those who run their lives moment to moment. That also means going to bed at about the same time every night so you don’t feel tired the next day and have many unpleasant moments.


Forgive others when it’s possible

Humans hold grudges against others who have offended them or done something bad against them. Backstabbing is the hardest to forgive because if someone lies about you behind your back or claims that you are making mistakes on the job which will hurt the company you may have a hard time regaining or maintaining a good reputation with your boss.

If you are not guilty for the backstabbing claims do the best that you can to reassure your boss that everything is OK and that he has nothing to worry about because the allegations are false. Then move on with your life and don’t live in fear that it will happen again or try to get revenge on the backstabber because it will only cause you to fester in hate and there is probably nothing that you can do about him or her.

If your work has been sabotaged then take steps so it doesn’t happen again.

If you can’t forgive the backstabber then at least try to ignore him or her so that you don’t have to live with bad emotions or feelings and feel unhappy over it for a long time.

For personal insults or bad behavior against you directly which don’t impact your job it is best to forgive and not hold a grudge. This is because your personal feelings have been hurt and your life is not threatened or changed in any significant way.


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