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LIE: You will lose 5 to 10 pounds a week.

TRUTH: There are about 3500 calories in a pound of fat. It would take you one week to lose 1 pound of fat if you went on a starvation diet and ate nothing for a week because most of us can survive losing no weight on 500 calories a day. You can go on a dangerous month’s fast and eat nothing at all and you are only guaranteed to lose about 4 pounds of weight. The only way to lose a pound of weight in one day is to dehydrate your body and lose one pound of water in a day!!!!!!

LIE: You can treat yourself and eat anything you want in moderation and lose weight.

TRUTH: This misleads you into thinking that you won’t have to give up any of the eating pleasures in your life. It lies that you can eat the bad large calorie good tasting foods. Even if you ate half or one third the amount you frequently eat you will still not lose weight.

LIE: All you need to do is take a weight loss pill or a food supplement which suppresses your appetite.

TRUTH: If your appetite is suppressed and you go on a starvation diet you will lose some weight but in the long duration you will gain it all back.  Appetite suppression chemicals are dangerous to your metabolism if used for too long and when you get off them for health reasons you may even gain more weight than what you started out with because the body is expecting more starvation in the future and is adjusting by storing more fat cells. It also increases the chances that you will be starving on a diet of bad nutrition foods which you are used to eating and this will damage your health in the long duration.

LIE: A before and after picture is shown as proof that you will lose weight.

TRUTH: The humans in the pictures lost weight using a different weight reduction program which is not the easy one advertised.

CONCLUSION: There is no fast way to lose weight and not have any bad side effects on your health. Over 50% of humans were programmed genetically to be on the plump side sooner or later so even if you only eat about 500 calories a day you will still not lose weight.

You can lose weight under the supervision of a nutritionist who knows what they are doing and will be counting calories for you. You can lose weight slowly and surely by eating a healthy variety of food and being on a semi starvation diet until you reach your desired weight. Then you have to adjust or stabilize your calorie intake so you don’t gain it all back. The process requires an almost inhuman discipline to overcome hunger pangs and the temptation to eat something delicious and satisfying.

If you must lose weight because of bad health and a fear of imminent death then you may be motivated enough to seek nutritional professional help.  Someone will supervise your weight reduction program for a fee. Permanent weight reduction is possible but your diet will be different and the amount of food that you consume will be drastically reduced. Eating will probably no longer be a great pleasure in your life.


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