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Tell the truth

Lying stresses you out trying to remember the lies so you don’t make a mistake and reveal the truth, it reduces your self esteem, and makes you unlikable when humans discover that you have been lying. Honesty or telling the truth is the bond which makes close relationships possible and creates trust in a relationship which will create much happiness knowing that your relationship is secure.

Create personal control

Happy humans chose their own destinies and don’t let others run their lives. Being in complete control makes one confident and optimistic with much sense of self esteem.

Accept what you can’t change

Life may seem unfair or unjust at times and you can unnecessarily obsess unhappily over it. Just focus on the things which you can change and make the changes which will make you feel good with a sense of achievement.

Live simply

Remove clutter from your life and simplify it. Bigger and more is frequently not better and more efficient but more stressful and costly. Drive a smaller car, live in a smaller house, live with less material wealth and less credit card debt and you will be happier for it.

Eat healthily and eat less

Eat as much certified organic food as possible and you will have more energy and a sense of well being without the need for sugar highs and other artificial stimulants.  Most of us lead sedentary lives and that means that most of us only have to eat about one varied meal a day to stay healthy. You will have better long duration health and this will make your life happier without illnesses plaguing your existence.

Exercise moderately

Zoloft is an artificial drug stimulant which deceptively increases your sense of happiness which is exactly what moderate exercise will do for your mental health and sense of well being. You don’t have to be fanatical about exercising and you can go for weeks and months without it but you will increase your body and mental health with exercise and this will keep you happier.

Focus on important relationships

Unless you are a salesperson and need many repeat customers spend more time on family and close friends. You will find much more happiness with them than with a hundred and one casual relationships.

Never seek approval from everyone

You can’t please everyone all the time so don’t start out on this road to disappointment. If your family, close friends, and boss approve of you then that is all the affirmation that you should need. Worrying about what other humans think of you will just cause unnecessary unhappiness.

Talk less and listen more

Many humans inefficiently waste much time talking too much. Learn to be short and sweet in your conversations and let others do most of the talking and listen and learn as much as you can about them. Humans will think that you are smart and caring if you pay attention to them and not focus so much on yourself.

Avoid social comparison

If you compare yourself with others you will develop a sense of superiority over others and feel bad about being less successful socially than others. Praise all humans for their progress in life no matter how small it may be and stay focused on making progress in your own life at a rate which you can comfortably live with.


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