***You are an impulse buyer who doesn’t know the difference between what you NEED and what you WANT impulsively.

If you can do without a purchase for a week, a month, or a year then you DON’T NEED it and you shouldn’t buy it just because you want it that moment.

***You don’t know how to budget your money

You haven’t learned to set spending priorities in your life based on your spending habits. Healthy food, shelter, economical transportation, and education for you and your offspring should be the right order of priorities in your life and everything else is secondary in order of importance. For help in learning how to budget go to BudgetSimple.com or read my evergreen book HOW TO SAVE MONEY.

***You are not setting aside about 10% of your income for emergencies

Many humans don’t have an emergency savings account and when they have emergency car repairs, house repairs, appliance repairs, unemployment, and medical bills they go into debt from which they never escape but the debt gets worse and worse as more emergency payments are added.

CONCLUSION: Stop making impulse purchases, budget your money, and put aside some for a rainy day in a savings account.



If you liked this blog read more of them and read one or more of my evergreen books, especially COMMON SENSE.


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