Anyone who has seriously studied the stock market sooner or later comes to the conclusion that fast computers, big money hedge funds, big money institutions, inside traders, and big money billionaires are manipulating the market and the stock prices are no longer tied in a logical way to fundamentals or fixed assets.

The stock market has become an irrational short term volatile crap shoot where day traders are the only private suckers still trying to outfox the system which is rigged against them.

Another fundamental reason you can’t make money is that there are very few speedy growth companies making an excellent profit with prospects of large increased size in the near future. Those are the young companies preferred by speculators. Those companies which do show outstanding growth reach a certain size and then are bought by bigger companies who don’t want the successful competition to continue.

Most companies have reached an optimum size with minimal growth and are not considered high flyers nor a good short duration or long duration investment.

If you are the rare human who has money left over to invest you are stupid to invest in the stock market for the long duration. Invest in real estate or put your money in a savings account and you will have much more of it left 5 or 10 years into the future.

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