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Choosing and achieving good goals throughout a lifetime is a measure of a successful life.


It is the goal or responsibility of everyone to judge what is good, then to practice what is good and to promote good people.   What is morally good everywhere in the world is true goodness and can be summarized in a moral code which applies to the world of humans.

Don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder is an excellent or very good moral code.


Happiness is a pleasure which can have various degrees of intensity. Most of us prefer to pursue goals which make us happy. Doing something physically and/or mentally will give you greater happiness than daydreaming about doing something which you only think will give you more happiness in the future. Pursuing realistic goals gives greater happiness than daydreaming about improbable or even impossible goals.


Health as a goal becomes priority number one when relatively severe illness or an accident exists which can threaten our survival.  Healthy offspring should be very high on the wish list for caring parents and humans wishing to healthily reproduce should find a healthy spouse which will increase the probability of healthy offspring.  Health is frequently only fully accepted as a very desirable goal when it doesn’t exist in its optimal form. The best way to promote good health is to eat and promote certified organic food.


What you help or use your time and energy and money on is an indication of what your priorities or goals are in life. Help yourself and become successful and important and then you can help others realistically.


Honesty is trying to be truthful and sincere.  It is also not lying or not being willfully fraudulent and/or deceptive.  Honesty as a goal makes voluntary cooperation between people possible in society and its absence leads to chaos or rule by force and intimidation.  Honesty creates trust in human relationships.  Without trust between leaders and the led much force and the threat of force must be used to try and badly and inefficiently rule humans.


Honor is a moral reputation which is greatly respected. The goal of caring about your honor makes leadership and social cooperation possible.


Hope is a desire for a goal(s) when the odds or probability of achieving that goal(s) is quite low.


Humor is a subset(s) which makes us laugh and it is frequently (a minor misfortune and/or a human frailty such as (stupidity and/or ignorance)) and/or (a rare event and/or an unusual human or animal skill or behavior) and/or(a deception such as a trick and/or unique decorations on a human or animal) and/or (a surprise and/or an unexpected behavior) and/or an event which causes us to sometimes laugh.

Humor can lessen the sense of personal misfortune or someone else’s misfortune on your mind.  Ridicule which contains humor and is also derogatory can be used to punish a fellow human.  Using humor when trying to achieve a goal can make the experience more enjoyable but it can also make the experience less enjoyable if one is the subject of that ridicule.

Humor was and is necessary in a mythological age which we are living in because of the many untruths which can only sometimes be combated with humor. Language itself is humorous because it is so stupid, irrational, and emotionally biased. In a logical just society which uses logical language humor will largely disappear as a form of entertainment and ridicule for the average human will be almost extinct.


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