Eating unhealthy is a bad, addictive, emotionally and sensually pleasant habit which humans impulsively don’t want to change even though they may logically want to in their minds. There are many excuses which are used to not change what they basically enjoy doing and are addicted to.

My busy job makes it impossible to eat right

My family likes fast food

I can’t fight the food industry

I’m too lazy to change

Heart disease and cancer runs in my family

You can’t fight bad genetics

There must be an easy trick or way to change my eating habits

There are so many fad and food experts giving different advice on what to eat

Destiny is in control of my life not me

There is no organic fast food

I don’t like to cook or prepare organic food

Going cold turkey or suddenly switching to eating certified organic food is going to fail because it is not that tasty to begin with and preparing it in a tasty way is a pain in the butt. Switching suddenly to eating organic will be an unpleasant experience and it won’t be very long before you revert back to your old enjoyable addictive eating habits.

Is there a solution to this seeming insurmountable roadblock? Yes, introduce certified organic foods gradually into your diet in small amounts and then more and more as time goes on.

If you can’t find certified organic food start off by buying organic food. Bring your favorite organic fruits, nuts, and yogurt to work for snacking. Make your own sugarless smoothies at home in a fast speed blender adding your favorite slightly sweet organic fruits and vegetables and refrigerate some so you can bring some to work also.

At home make some organic eggs by boiling or frying or raw with milk and eat it with multigrain bread like Ezekiel and seafood such as salmon which can even be from a can readymade to eat.

Find raw milk for pets or get some in a farmers market and add it to your smoothies or to organic beans and grains such as buckwheat and oatmeal mixed with your favorite fruits or berries. Have non organic blood sausage about once a week because it is so nutrient rich. I have been asked why blood sausage? Because vampire bats can survive on blood alone and the Mesai of Africa thrive on a raw milk, blood, and meat diet.

Find organic food recipes on the internet and test them out. The key here is don’t be afraid to experiment, the new organic food will not poison you or kill you and if you discover a tasty recipe that you like then start preparing it and eating it more frequently.

You only have to eat one varied meal a day if you lead a basically sedentary life and that means that you can get by with one certified varied organic meal prepared at home by you or your significant other or spouse.

Go certified organic but do so gradually and eventually turn it into an avalanche. In the meantime don’t feel guilty if you have a medium rare steak, chocolate, donuts, or fast food once in a while for taste satisfaction. Organic need not mean going meatless although organic meat with the exception of buffalo and wild meat is not currently available in organic form. Eat meat in moderation also. We are omnivores and that means that we can eat any food which we are not allergic to in moderation.

Variety is the spice of life and if you include some unhealthy overly processed sugary foods along the way in moderation or once a week then don’t stress about it and it won’t kill you or damage your long duration health in any significant way.

Healthy does not mean losing weight and being skinny because over 50% of the population is genetically programmed to be on the plump side sooner or later in life and will not lose any weight eating healthy.

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