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Most of us randomly clutter up our lives doing things inefficiently and impulsively and find no time to do the important things in our life which could improve our life and not just clutter it up with trivial busywork. Here are some suggestions which will simplify and make your life happier, more satisfying, and more efficient.

*** Schedule your time

At work you are on a schedule and you should also schedule your time away from work. Scheduling means that if there is something important to do after work you will always find a time slot for it and get it done.

*** Set priorities

Start everyday setting priorities of the most important things to do and leave out the less important ones. Do them in order if possible one after the other.

If you make a commitment to a task don’t deviate from it and take on more tasks or responsibilities.

Ask others for help if you feel you need it and can’t do it efficiently without help.

Do a complete job or task so you don’t have to come back to it over and over again.

Schedule some time for yourself to satisfy your needs also.

Schedule some time on the job and away from it to think about or meditate about how you are doing and what you could do to improve upon what you are doing or are going to do.

Exclude trivial wasteful actions in your life such as TV, too much social networking, too much internet surfing, and too much purposeless entertainment.

Almost every day do self learning on the internet or by reading a book which will help you to get a new job or a better one or improve on the skills and useful knowledge that you already have.

Review your achievements every week and if you have very few then plan ahead and make useful goals for the next week, month, or year.

Use your cell phone and email once a day unless they are a part of your business activity.

Eat less or one varied meal a day and keep it simple without complex cooking or meal preparation. Eat as much healthy certified organic food in its natural state as possible. This will mean less clean up and less storage needed and you will save much time and energy.

Create and stick to a budget and automate as many of your bill payments and money transactions as you can.

Use commuting time wisely by listening to audio informative books or instructions. Read books which will improve your life if you use public transportation.

Don’t waste much time on the media with topics which you have no control over and which you can’t change such as politics, the economy, the stock market, the weather, the news, sports, and celebrity social lives.

Be punctual and you are being efficient

Be organized and you are being efficient

Use the internet for socializing, education, entertainment, and shopping and buying more than one item that you really need and you are being efficient

Going to the supermarket once every two weeks instead of twice a week and you are being efficient

Doing something less frequently and still getting the job done or goal achieved is being more efficient

If you find a way to do something faster and get the same results you are being efficient

Be thrifty and you are being efficient

If you believe that smaller and more durable is better you are being efficient

If you believe in quality not quantity then you are being efficient

If you are short and to the point in your conversations you are being efficient

If you spend more time with family and close friends than with casual acquaintances you are being efficient

Get plenty of sleep so you can efficiently do things the next day.

If you focus on improving your life with more education, information, knowledge and skills you are being efficient

If you work a lot and smart using the latest tools or technology you are being efficient

If you live in a small house and drive a scooter or a mini car most of the time and maybe have a car for longer trips then you are being efficient

If you insulate your house and have energy saving appliances you are being efficient

If you find a way to spend less time, energy and money on a job, task, relationship, or activity and still get the desired effects then you are being efficient and simplifying your life.


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