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No one likes a pushy salesman who is viewed as irritating and scary and someone that you probably can’t trust to sell you something good. 6 Questions can be asked in a friendly non pressuring way and can lead to a relatively anxiety free sale.

What brings you here today?

Asking “What are you looking for?” when a customer shows up can lead to a noncommittal answer “I’m just browsing”. Asking “what brings you to the store today” may also result in the just browsing answer but it is more probable that the customer will reveal what he may potentially be interested in buying and start a mutually beneficial conversation or relationship.

Why do you want this product or service?

If you get an answer to this question you may find out the reason behind the purchase such as for whom, for what, where, or how the product or service will be used once bought. You can then follow up with how ideal the product or service will be for the need or needs described.

Who is in charge of making the decision to buy a product or use the service?

The ultimate decision maker may not be the customer but the spouse of the customer or a boss who will make the ultimate decision. If that is the case then you can focus in and ask questions about the spouse or boss which will increase the probability of the sale by getting them involved too.

How soon do you need or want it?

Unless you detect that it is an impulse buy pressuring to make an immediate sale may not be wise if the customer does not intend to purchase it right away so to determine the urgency of the sale you ask how soon the product or service is needed.

You can then custom fit the timeline of the sale to the degree of urgency expressed. If you detect that it is an impulse buy then stress how great it will be or how happy the customer will be to have the product right away or as soon as possible.

What would you like to have happen next?

If a purchase decision has been delayed more than once, then it may be intimidating to ask the customer to commit right away because there may still be some unresolved questions in his or her mind. The question may uncover any remaining doubts or reasons why the purchase still hasn’t been made.

Do you have any other questions?

If you have determined that the purchase is an impulse buy then close the sale as soon as possible but if it is not an urgent purchase then you can ask if there are any other questions the customer would like to ask which may be reasons for the absence of urgency. If there are any other questions then you can answer them appropriately and eliminate any residual doubt the customer may have about the purchase.

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