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Here are some generalized affirmations which are delusions or untrue beliefs which you should not have in your life because they boost your ego but are not true statements about you or your lifestyle. If you brainwash yourself into believing these statements are true about yourself then you will handicap your ability to grow and IMPROVE your personality and achievements in life.

Examples of untrue delusional affirmations:

I deserve to be loved, I love myself for who I am, I am loved and respected by everyone,  I feel safe and protected, I am appreciated and respected, I have everything I need in life, I approve of myself and feel great about myself, I am now a powerful and charismatic personality, I am confident and in control, my confidence and competence are exploding massively everyday, I have the willpower and discipline to do anything which I desire, I have the power to act correctly in each moment, and I am passionate and incredibly handsome or beautiful.

Revised true affirmations:

I will be honest, sincere, caring, and friendly towards others and will become a more lovable person.

I will be honest, sincere, caring, and friendly with others to develop trust, appreciation, and respect from others.

I am confident, have a strong desire, and will discipline myself so that I will get what I need in life by setting realistic desirable goals and applying enough  time, effort, and money to achieve those goals.

I would like to be powerful and more charismatic so I will improve my social skills with people and become more powerful by working towards a highly skilled professional job or a responsible high level managerial position in a company or organization.

I will become very handsome or beautiful by getting quality plastic surgery done on my face and/or body.

CONCLUSION: The true useful affirmations are not simple short untrue generalities or catch phrases because life is not simple but complex. Only developing an optimistic attitude is not sufficient to achieve improvement and success in the complex life that we are living in.

You must make a determined effort to improve your life with realistic actions which means making and achieving realistic worthwhile goals in life one step at a time. Improve your knowledge through more education much of which is selfeducation and improve the skills which you have in life to lead a more happy and successful lifestyle.

A useful true affirmation must communicate the goal or goals which you want to achieve and the steps which you will take to achieve that goal or goals. Motivate yourself with true useful affirmations and not untrue short general affirmations which will just make you feel good but not result in any useful achievements in your life.



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