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Answering vaguely but honestly is the best policy when answering private questions from acquaintances and strangers. The more remote the relationship the more tempting it is to lie because we think we will get away with it without being caught and maintain an over inflated ego or exaggerated sense of self. If the acquaintance or stranger is not someone you want to get to know better then you can simply answer that it is a secret if you don’t want to answer and leave it at that.

I am selfconfident with few casual acquaintances and am not a salesman so I never feel an urge to deceive, lie, exaggerate, and give vague replies. If you are very sociable and frequently meet with casual acquaintances and strangers then here are some suggestions of what you could do instead of lying outright to private questions.

If you are a woman and don’t want to reveal your age to boost your ego then answer that you are in your twenties, thirties, or fifties. Unless you have had cosmetic surgery if you lie about your age by more than 10 years you will be caught, especially if you put it in writing.

Instead of bragging about how much money you are making which is more than your true income answer that it is a middle class salary or much more than minimum wage.

If you are a woman your ego is on the line if asked about your weight. Pick a pound over your true weight and say that it is less than or below that amount. If you lie by more than 10 pounds on a dating profile you will just disappoint your date once you meet and they will wonder what else you are lying about in your profile.

If asked about your whereabouts you can answer at work, home, shopping, or downtown. Only if you are cheating on your spouse will you be tempted to lie about your whereabouts.

If your favorite pastime is bar hopping then you will probably not want to answer and if you don’t want to reveal your passions you can answer that you have many favorite pastimes which is true for most humans.

If asked about your favorite music and it is acid rock you may not want to answer truthfully so just answer rock and roll.

If asked about how many followers or friends you have on the internet say that you are interested in quality not quantity in your friendships if you have few friends or followers.

If asked about your relationship status you can answer that you are not currently dating or are in an ongoing relationship if that is the truth. If you must answer that you are single then you can add that you are not interested in a serious relationship right now and it will be the truth.

The most lying exists because humans are frequently not punctual and don’t realize that you are wasting another’s time, energy, and money if you don’t show up on time. Even though humans will sometimes be relieved that you finally showed up they will still feel offended that you are not a human who fulfills his or her punctual promises.


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