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As long as exotic food does not mean endangered species I think it has huge potential for domestication and consumption as healthy non GMO, no growth hormones, no antibiotics, organic food. Worms, crickets, rattlesnake meat, goat penis and testicles are just a few of the possibilities which should be promoted as nutrient rich healthy foods.

Google exotic foods and you will discover some exotic fruits and vegetables which can be eaten if you are not that much into protein rich foods. Eating exotic foods is an acquired taste and the best way to introduce them into the western diet would be to flavor existing foods such as organic yogurt, whole multigrain bread, burgers, salads, etc. with chunks or mashed exotic foods to enhance the nutritional value of the food. I know rattlesnake meat is delicious as is but some exotic whole fruits and vegetables may not be that tasty initially and will need to be added to good tasting food to promote greater acceptance by a fearful public which is always fearful of being poisoned by a new healthy taste sensation.

We need biodiversity or variety in the food which we eat to insure a nutrient dense diet without the need for artificial supplements or food additives. Exotic foods will increase the probability that you will get all the trace minerals, minerals, vitamins, protein, fat, and carbohydrates that your body craves and needs for optimum health.

What follows are links to a Livescience  and PopSci article which introduces members of the Explorers Club to deliciously prepared exotic foods.




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