Moral opposites infrequently attract.  Criminals are infrequently attracted to lawful citizens and vice versa.  Honest humans are infrequently attracted to dishonest humans.

Humans with certain weaknesses in character and/or heredity will sometimes be attracted to others who will complement or lessen their incomplete physical or mental character and/or personality.

An attractive but somewhat uneducated woman may marry or start up a relationship with an unattractive but educated man.

A very athletic man who is lazy may prefer a woman who is a little klutzy but industrious.

An attractive woman with little money may be very attracted to a man with an incomplete personality but with much money.

A very emotional woman may be attracted to a calm and reserved male personality.

Opposite human characteristics sometimes attract.

Remember that too many opposite characteristics will eventually greatly stress the relationship and will begin to threaten it if both humans do not adapt to each other and either learn to adjust to some of each other’s opposite unpleasant characteristics or just ignore the imperfections.

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