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They are thankful for the good and bad things in their life

Optimists not only remind themselves of the good things in their lives and are grateful but they look on bad things as a challenge for improvement and a learning experience which can be used for a better tomorrow.  If something bad can’t be changed by them or others they learn to accept, ignore, or live with the bad things and don’t stress over them.

Optimists share their good and bad moments with others

Not all optimists are sociable extroverts who share their experiences with others and sometimes get valuable feedback and sometimes even encouragement from others. Introverts too can benefit by sharing their good and bad experiences with family and close friends for mutual benefit. Feeling that you are alone in your struggles in the world can sometimes be depressing and being able to share with others can frequently lessen any signs of depression which you may be fighting with from time to time.

Optimists are more forgiving than your average human

Optimists frequently forgive others if the behavior is not immoral and don’t hold grudges against others. They accept the past as unchangeable and don’t let bad experiences and mistakes cause by others to overly affect their future plans, actions, and thoughts.

Optimists listen more and talk less

Optimists radiate confidence and are respected more by others because they listen and let others do most of the talking. They give relatively short and to the point answers or responses whenever possible.

Optimists are not envious or jealous

Optimists don’t feel that other human successes are not deserved or unjust. They view other human accomplishments as motivations to do better in their own lives. They are not jealous and envious of others and don’t waste time thinking how unfair the world is to them.

Optimists smile more and frown less when in the company of others

Optimists don’t have to fake happiness because they frequently smile or laugh at their bad circumstances and mistakes in front of others.

An optimist is goal oriented and plans beyond intervening bad circumstances

An optimist does not worry about the future with all the possible problems which may arise but views life as a challenge to overcome obstacles and get to worthwhile goals in life.

Optimists don’t blame others for their lack of progress in life

Optimists do not blame the economy, the boss, coworkers, spouse, or someone else for their lack of progress in life. They feel personally responsible for progress in life and try to change their lives so they are prepared with the right skills and education when opportunity exists.

An optimist never gives up

No matter how bad the past may have been the optimist looks forward to a better future and makes plans and does take actions to make it so.


An optimist eats healthy and gets enough exercise

An optimist realizes that a healthy body is a prerequisite for a happy healthy mental life.

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