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Usually you can tell if you are loved and cared for by observing loving and caring emotional and bodily behaviors done towards you for a relatively long duration.

If the loving and caring lasts for a long duration it becomes more difficult for the loved one to pretend loving behaviors.

Generally the longer the duration in a loving relationship the more difficult it is for your loved one to pretend those loving behaviors and be a fake lover.

It is sometimes possible for a short duration to pretend loving and caring behaviors towards another but given enough time it is more probable that the person’s true intentions will show.

Given enough time both loving and/or caring and/or unloving and/or uncaring behaviors will be observed and a person who has tried to hide his unloving and uncaring will make a mistake and show his or her true (emotions and/or feelings) and/or (intentions and/or opinions).

Living together without marriage for a few years is a good test whether a loving relationship will last.

A shared morality frequently increases the probability that a long duration marriage will succeed and may make it unnecessary to live together on a test basis.

CONCLUSION: Don’t rush into a marriage without knowing all you can about your future potential mate.

I married after three months of courtship but I made up for the extra necessary time by asking a thousand and one questions about family, friends, ex husband, and pleasant and unpleasant experiences and didn’t catch her in one lie because she was being totally honest.

We are still happily married after 22 years living together.

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