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Prioritize your tasks

List the most important most urgent tasks first in order of priority and start doing them methodically leaving the not so important ones for last.

Minimize multitasking

If possible do your emails and phone calls once or twice a day all at once to avoid making them distractions from your tasks during the day.  Do as little multitasking as possible because it will interfere with your concentration efficiency, lead to more mistakes, and less quality work.

Break up tasks into smaller orderly tasks

A job description can be communicated in very general and overwhelming terms which can create confusion when and where to start. Break the job down into smaller orderly tasks which are prioritized.

Select a quiet and constant place to do work

Nothing can be more distracting than much noise or interference with your work so select a quiet place and the same place to work which will not have new distractions which will exist each time you switch work places.

Unclutter your work space

Organize your desk space so you don’t waste time looking for paperwork on a messy desk.

Schedule your days

If you have a digital organizer you can get reminded of important meetings or events during the day so you are better prepared for them and on time.

Take notes

During meetings take notes or write down the most important information which you can refer to later on. Review your notes and determine what is important or should be done first.

Surround yourself with organized humans

It is not always an option but if you have the choice then choose the most organized humans to help you with your tasks when needed. Disorganized humans can greatly distract you, cause unnecessary stress, and make you work less efficiently.

Set a timer

Try to organize your work by the clock so you can assess your progress at relatively constant intervals and take necessary breaks which will refresh you and make you work more efficiently in the long duration.

Establish a predictable routine if possible

Try to plan a time and duration for daily or weekly obligations. It can be planning your thinking, meditation, or in place exercise breaks to avoid job burnout by scheduling them. It can be doing all your email or phone calls at the start or end of your day. It can be as simple a thing as putting your car keys in the same place each time so you don’t waste time looking for them. Structure your work with a daily predictable routine if possible and it will greatly increase your efficiency.

Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, and exercise a little

You need good, varied, and healthy food to give you energy during the day and plenty of sleep during the night so you don’t feel tired and unfocused during the day. A little exercise on the job or away from it will also increase your efficiency on the job.


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