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Kindness is medium intensity caring and the behaviors which exist with it.  Kindness is a medium intensity nurturing and protective behavior towards another who has suffered misfortune and/or has done a bad and/or wrong thing. Being very kind is the same as loving.


Knowledge is a mentally stored retrievable collection of personal (skills and/or facts) and/or (theories and/or fictions gotten by experience) and/or education. Knowledge is used to make a personal goal(s) and to make a goal(s) by present and future generations if it has been stored as information on a device from which it can later be retrieved if it is permitted by law.  Some information suchas the manufacture of nuclear weapons or the making of contagious deadly lifeforms should be censored information.


Liberty is political and social and economic freedom to pursue a goal(s) but limited by just laws which are presently at a very low standard of justice.


While there is life in you then goals can be made and achieved.  When you are gone goals will be planned and achieved by the living humans, plants, and animals.


A very intense pleasure from a thing one cares about and the behaviors which exist with it. There is a large probability that we will pursue a goal(s) which we love.


Loyalty is when you are intensely attracted to a goal(s) which is frequently (a human(s) and/or an organization(s)) and/or a belief(s).  Loyalty may mean that you also love that human(s), organization(s), and belief(s) but it may also mean that you are merely behaving in loving ways but not feeling love because of a fear of being rejected.  Loyalty can sometimes last longer than it should especially when the immorality of the subjects of the loyalty becomes public knowledge and socially unacceptable.


Depending mostly on chance or luck to achieve most of your goals means that you are ignoring the more important power of planned effort to achieve a goal(s).  Luck is a largely improbable method to achieve a worthwhile goal(s).

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