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Lying that you don’t care how much money he is making or will make. The truth is that most women crave financial security which is a prerequisite for a stable family relationship. You may want to emphasize that you are not a gold digger but you may get a man who wants to live off of your income instead and not feel responsible about contributing his fair share to the relationship.


Lying that you don’t care whether he looks at other women. Exclusivity and trust is the glue which keeps relationships together for the long duration and if you don’t consider it important then you may later turn into a jealous psycho chick filled with fear of abandonment when and if he starts eyeing other women.


Lying that you can’t wait to see his family, especially if you find out that he comes from a dysfunctional one. Inlaws trying to run their offspring’s lives can become a nightmare for you and your significant other, especially if inlaws are the controlling kind and have serious addictive (drugs, gambling, and alcohol) and abusive personality flaws.


Lying that you like his friends if you don’t. If you sense there is a chronic need to hang out with friends whom you don’t like then don’t be surprised if he doesn’t look for better ones in the future and spends much precious time with them. Admit that you think he can improve his friendships and that you would prefer it if he would spend most of his free time with you.


Lying that you are in no rush to get married.  If you are looking for a good time and someone to spend much money on you then this would be the truth. For most young adult women they should be honestly trying to establish an enduring relationship with a good potential mate as soon as possible so that they don’t lose a good mate to another marriage hungry woman. The older an unmarried woman gets the greater is the probability that she will meet more divorcees, unhappy or adulterous men, flawed male personalities, and older men who may not want any offspring in their lives. Most of the good male mates will already be married.


Lying that you like him just the way he is. Most women will find a few things that they would want to change in their potential mate so it is important to bring those things out into the open and discuss them before a relationship continues.  If you try and keep it a secret it will eventually become a topic of conversation with great unpleasantness and disappointment.


Lying that you love sports. Truly loving sports is a rarity and most of us wind up hating and complaining how much time is spent on sports and not family life eventually in the relationship.  Watching TV sports can be annoying enough but if you find that he likes to attend them in person in an addictive way and gambles on sports too then you should seriously consider ending the relationship if you hate his compulsive habit.


Lying that you can keep a secret early in the relationship. Before you establish a long duration trusting relationship it is highly probable that you will gossip about the secret to your family or girlfriends so don’t make promises which you will break because your boyfriend will eventually find out that you have broken his confidentiality and will not trust you with further secrets or confidentialities.  The future probability that he will trust you or want you as a mate will vanish.

CONCLUSION: Honesty and sincerity is the best policy if you dream of or hope for a trusting adoring family relationship. If you intentionally lie in the relationship your date will not trust you or want to confide in you about personal feelings and plans and the relationship will selfdestruct soon and certainly later. Most lies surface given enough time and no one likes to be lied to unless they come from a dysfunctional family where lying was an ongoing problem with bad consequences.

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