Once you are married offspring will be a major priority most of the time and most will not have enough money for frequent exciting activities and adventures.

If you don’t have a job most of these activities and adventures will not be possible if done on a personal budget but if you are working or have a date with a job then these recommendations can spice up your life.

A blogger Christine has compiled a list of 100 activities and adventures which you can potentially experience and I am adding some mostly male activities to the list.

101. Windsurfing

102. Surfing

103. Snorkeling

104. Scuba diving

105. Hiking

106. Camping

107. Ice skating

108. Roller blading

109. Skateboarding

110. Bicycling

111. Motorcycle trail riding

112. Fishing and boating

113. Playing pool

114. Archery

115. Target shooting

Here is Christine’s 100 list:  http://projectlighttolife.wordpress.com/activities-adventures/

Here is a bonus link for truth seekers:


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