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You don’t have a steady good paying job or career.

Nothing is more terrifying than the prospect of starting a family with offspring on a shoe string budget. Historically society valued a female with a dowry (money) and a male with a good paying job or land to farm. Enough money is not only a security blanket but it also makes you a more interesting human who can do interesting things in life almost all of which require money to do those interesting things.


You look like a slob or bum.

Your initial appearance is what counts the most and if you are badly dressed, badly groomed, or even smell you will not create a good first impression and will be avoided speedily.


You have very few optimistic things in common with your dates.

You don’t like the same family members, offspring, close friends, politicians, good conversations, topics, music, movies, sports, food, cars, houses, hobbies, and activities. Only good free sex seems to be keeping the dysfunctional relationship alive.


You have a pessimistic personality and don’t have a clue how to get rid of it.

You are depressed by past family and personal failures and failures with the opposite sex and don’t know how to escape your past misfortune. You are not taking any realistic optimistic steps to avoid similar disappointments in the future.


You are devoting too much of your time to job or career and can’t schedule enough time for your relationship.

Nothing will end a relationship faster than feeling that you are playing second fiddle to a job or career and not getting enough earned attention. Being able to schedule important time for both job and relationship is the key to a harmonious happy lifestyle for both parties.


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