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There wasn’t enough chemistry or animal magnetism:

The most frequent reason a male does not call you back is because there wasn’t enough chemistry or animal magnetism that he felt for you. If on the other hand neither he nor you has been dating much then you may both be rusty on presenting your best somewhat flirtatious personality and the first date is more like a friendly get together and not a mating dance or ritual.

If you definitely find out that he hasn’t been dating much but you still find him attractive enough to want a second or third date then remember the old adage “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Call him a few days later and thank him for a pleasant date and give him a little feedback about what you found interesting about him to boost his possible insecure ego a bit as a desirable male. If he just answers thank you and doesn’t ask you about a follow up date then don’t push any further because it is obvious that he does not have the same feelings or interest in you as you do for him.


You were a shy or talkative bore and didn’t touch on the things that you have in common:

If you are very shy on the first date and don’t ask questions about his favorite family members, best friends, best and worst experiences in his life, and favorite pastimes then the conversation will have been very boring and you both will not have the optimistic experience of sharing great moments in life and pinpointing common interests, likes, and loves.

Risking being a little nosey is far better than badly communicating and being an uninteresting bore. You may also find out things about him which will cause you to avoid a second date with him sooner rather than later in the relationship.

Talking too much about yourself non stop is also a way of boring someone, especially if what you talk about is not very interesting. Two way conversations are definitely preferable.


He is just too busy with an important job or personal priorities:

If he has a very responsible high paying job the reason he doesn’t call is that he may truly be busy with more important priorities in his life at that moment. If he does call at a later date then try to be understanding unless all his future dates also follow the same pattern. Then you may realistically begin to feel that you will be playing second fiddle to his job or friends.

Although a death or chronic illness in the family or some other equally bad news may be the reason that he doesn’t call it is not a very probable occurrence but you should be understanding if a bereavement or lingering chronic illness of a family member is presented to you as an excuse for not calling sooner.


He has an overinflated ego:

He thinks he is an irresistible handsome hunk and wants you to call him because he has very many other women to choose from and you are not priority number one. If you think that may be the case then move on with your life and other males.


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