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The major key to a closer and better relationship is the ability to build a trusting relationship and always telling the truth is the fastest way of getting there. Always being honest and sincere is the key but there are 4 other things to also consider and do.

Stop silly arguments:

You will not always have the same opinion on things and will make mistakes along the way no matter how perfect you think you are or would like to be.

Accepting another’s opinion even if you disagree with it is being open minded and understanding that there may be another way of looking at the world in some or many cases. Instead of attacking an opinion which you disagree with and trying to force your opinion on another the proper approach is to discuss the opinion calmly and offering any counter evidence or facts which may disprove the opinion and support the one which you have.

Realize that when it comes to politics you can even disagree on general principles and still mostly agree on how to run family life in more agreeable detail. Realize that personal tastes and opinions which minimally affect family life are different and need agreement and acceptance and not argument.

Learn to apologize if you realize you have made a mistake or have attacked a relatively insignificant opinion in a highly emotional argumentative way. Making mistakes and relatively illogical emotional outburst are common in most relationships and a sincere apology is the best solution to the problems which it creates. An apology permits you to be much more open and not secretive in future communications.

Eliminate jealousy:

If you are not lying to each other and trust each other then jealousy should not even enter the picture. If one or both of you lie then jealousy can become a serious problem which refuses to go away. If one of you is a habitual liar then it is best to end the relationship sooner rather than later because it will inevitably destroy the relationship, frequently in a jealous rage.

Learn to communicate:

A strong relationship means that you can talk about any subject matter and neither partner has to feel defensive and keep opinions and facts a secret for fear that they will be emotionally attacked and not discussed in a rational calm way. If you are afraid that you will be shouted at for revealing a controversial opinion or fact then it is a question of a lack of trust which should be addressed. The more you conceal the greater will be the explosion once the truth or secret surfaces and the explosion can be avoided by constant revelations or truthful communications which hide nothing but discuss anything.

Pay attention or listen:

Listening to your partner and opening up takes much work and selfcontrol, especially if it is a frequently repeated topic which is beginning to bore you because it sounds like nagging.  Controlling personalities will frequently nag much if they don’t get their way so be prepared to live with a nag. If it gets too annoying tell them that it is hurting the pleasure that communicating should be and that you may not communicate as much in the future if it persists to the detriment of both of you.


Always being vulnerable to attack by always telling the truth and revealing your inner feelings and opinions takes courage but without such an honest strategy a trusting relationship will not develop and there won’t be a close and better relationship which is needed for a long duration marriage.


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