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If you are divorced without offspring then you will have a much easier time getting over your ex. If you have offspring your life will be permanently affected and you will have some strong feelings about the situation.

You will care what happens to your ex and will probably mostly blame him or her for the reason the divorce happened and erroneously think that the offspring will come to a similar conclusion when they grow up.

You will probably be jealous of his girlfriend and think that he is jealous of any boyfriend which you may have which will rarely be the case.

You will frequently be selfconscious about your divorce and what other people think about it but you shouldn’t be for your personal mental health.

When you get your career, kids, hobbies, yourself, and your life straightened out then you will be ready to meet someone and make a new committed relationship.

You may be vulnerable to dysfunctional relationships so don’t make the same mistake twice or three times by speedily marrying the wrong person over again.

When the offspring are with your ex use that time wisely to do something on your own or just to relax and don’t stress about the possible bad influence that your ex is having on them or unnecessarily hate the event.

If your ex has visitation rights and uses them then be ready to deal with the situation even if you marry again and would ideally like to start life over again without any interference from your ex.

Your offspring are frequently seen as a liability or excess financial responsibility by single men who will be more reluctant to commit than perhaps men who are divorced and have had offspring of their own and will have more in common with your life experiences.

Being divorced is much more common today than historically and is symptomatic of greater economic hardship and too much advertised sexual freedom or promiscuity. If you are smart you will consider a good job or career and a desire to be faithful in marriage as necessary prerequisites to any future commitments to marriage. If you are divorced then you should also consider improving your personality flaws and standards for a mate because most divorces fail because both and not just one spouse is to blame for the failure.


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