Moderation may not be the speediest or best method to achieve many important goals in life but it is frequently the best method for average humans to live a balanced happy life.


Modesty is a moderate appraisal of one’s ability to achieve a goal(s). When it is great ability bragging is usually absent and frequently much credit is given to others.


An internal and/or external motivation(s) starts the achievement of any goal(s).


Opportunity is a subset(s) of circumstances which makes it possible to achieve a goal(s). You frequently need extensive knowledge and skills to be ready when opportunity exists.  Little adequate preparation will frequently make you pass an opportunity since opportunities rarely depend mostly on luck.  Good luck usually just makes the achievement of a goal(s) more probable and immediate.


A belief that a goal(s) will be achieved with a relatively great degree of probability and a general belief that good events will outnumber the bad events in life.

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