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 Being a traditionalist in a fast changing business world:

Unless you are the manager of a fast food business which doesn’t change much from year to year you are making a mistake if you like the way things are and want to keep it that way without change.

In a technologically changing world trying to maintain a status quo is going to hurt business in the long run if you don’t work towards a more efficient and competent workforce and new and better products.


Whining and trying to avoid responsibility:

If you are a pessimistic whiner who is constantly making excuses and blaming others for problems you will never be respected and it shows that you have bad judgment about accountability and an absence of confidence which demonstrates an almost total absence of leadership ability.


Being deceptive and not honest and sincere:

Manipulatively misleading your workers about your true thoughts about them and their performance is a form of lying and you will lose respect, trust, and efficient teamwork once the deception is exposed as it inevitably will.


Behaving dictatorially or tyrannically:

Trying to turn everyone into yes men and women without considering or using valuable feedback from workers who are dissatisfied or have better ideas on how to run the business will eventually lead to firing from someone higher up the hierarchical power structure.


Making empty threats:

If you threaten someone with punishment or the withdrawal of a privilege then follow through with it because you will lose credibility. If you make too many idle threats soon no one will believe you or be intimidated by the threats and you will start losing your power to get things done.


Craving power:

If you are a politician or bureaucrat then craving power can be a useful motivating force. If you are running a business then getting rich through the application of just rules and the achievement of worthwhile goals which benefit the customer should be your primary concern.


Ignoring the truth:

If you primarily listen to weak minded yes men and women who sugar coat the truth and tell you what you want to hear and not what you should hear which is the truth then you will fail sooner or later.


Making promises or commitments you don’t intend to keep:

Failing to follow through on a promise or commitment intentionally is a form of intentional lying and you will lose respect, trust, and obedience from your workers in the long duration.


Being grandiose and delusional:

Grand visions of a company as a goal and trying to get there speedily when it is not based on facts or reality will only lead to failure.


Doing what you know is wrong or against the rules:

Sacrificing good principles of leadership and behavior for greed or fear of repercussions and trying to cut corners may work in the short duration but in the long duration it will only lead to failure on a massive scale.


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