Fear of commitment seems to be primarily a male fear and too many females are confused why this is a realistic fact of modern life. Mythologically money should not affect anyone’s love life but the cruel fact is that money is more important than love in a marriage and an inadequate amount of money or money badly managed will lead to insoluble arguments, bankruptcy, and divorce.

Commitment to a marriage means a heavy financial burden for the male even if the female is currently working because offspring means that babies and offspring will have to be taken care of and frequently the cheapest way to do this is to have the female take time off from work if a competent baby sitter can’t be financed. 

A wife with more than one offspring can speedily become a huge financial burden for a long time even after offspring graduate from high school or college because the internet and computer software is going to replace many current jobs and a liberal arts education will not be in great demand. Get a college education and get a good paying job is no longer a realistic fact for a liberal arts education which most of us are still blindly getting in an age of the internet and computer technology.

Not only is future employment for the male in some doubt for many, the materialistic modern lifestyle means heavy credit card debt for many future families. Financial doom and gloom or uncertainty is going to be a future fact of life for many families and responsible males have a gut feeling that makes fear of commitment a rational emotional response to a present and future reality.

Future economic uncertainty and the fundamental fact that most females with offspring are heavy financial liabilities is what makes fear of commitment so real and understandable. Job today but no job tomorrow is a modern fact of life for many middle class jobs.

About 47% of citizens are already receiving some form of government welfare aid in the United States and the percentage will only climb in the near foreseeable future. That means that almost half of all citizens can no longer make it financially on their own power.

Fear of commitment is growing and based on present and future reality for the majority of humans in this country and many other places in the world.

Theoretically or mythologically money should not affect loving relationships. The cruel reality is that it does affect and frequently destroys loving relationships, not only when money is managed badly but especially when there is not enough money to start with.

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