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 Chinese, American, UK, and Japanese international banks effectively control most of the world economy and no bank is dependent on the financial health of one nation. This means that jobs are being outsourced to nations with the lowest cost in energy and lowest labor costs and greatest natural resources. In effect jobs are being outsourced to nations which bring back the largest profits on the manufactured goods.


International banking and corporations, robotization, standardization of parts, and the internet are concentrating the money into fewer and fewer hands and waging war on the middle class which is the big looser in most developed nations. 


The reason there is minimal inflation in the United States despite an increase in the deficit by 4 trillion dollars since 2009 is that most of the money was not spent in the United States but went overseas to pay off bad American bank high risk loans to foreign banks, corporations, and countries. The debt burden is being squarely placed on the shoulders of future taxpayers or the middle class.


Ultimately those countries in the future who will be prosperous will be the most efficient economies which use the least amount of energy, pay the lowest wages, have an abundant food supply, many natural resources, and can balance their national budget.


The United States inefficiently uses energy and can’t balance the national budget largely due to deficit spending and an unfavorable trade balance. It is trying to rule the world with the American dollar and is not doing a very good job of it because other nations know that the United States is printing counterfeit dollars which is devaluing the dollar and making other nations reluctant to do long term business with America and American companies.


To be competitive in the future world economy most of the population will have to move to the big cities, use economic transportation, be heavily robotized, have many humans on welfare, and have a relatively small middle class. It will look much like a third world country with relatively few very rich at the top, a small middle class, and the majority living at or near the poverty level and on welfare.


 In the future a highly skilled technological elite will be the ruling class and most of the population will be out of work and on welfare. The political system of one citizen one vote will have to be changed or the working class will become the slaves of the welfare class with more votes who will vote for more and more luxuries thus effectively enslaving the working class. Democracy and the constitution in its original form will have to be radically updated because of modern economic and technological realities.


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