Most humans have been brainwashed into wanting things which they would like to have but probably won’t have and isn’t even desirable to have.

Most humans would like to be loved, admired, and respected and have so much money that they could afford all the luxuries that this world has to offer. The result is that there are plenty of deceivers promising you what you want but can’t have for a price.

Humans want to be beautiful and there are plenty of people pushing their products deceiving you in the process. They promise beauty with the right cosmetics, the right food, the right jewelry, the right product, and fashionable clothes which are all for sale and will make you poorer.

Many humans would like to be rich with minimal effort and as fast as possible and there are plenty of deceivers promising you instant wealth with gambling, the lottery, credit cards, get rich internet and real estate scams, and the stock market. The odds are against you and it is a sure way to get poorer or lose more of what little money you have.

Many young humans would like to be famous and there are plenty of deceivers promising celebrity status if you play music, watch movies and learn to act, if you participate in sports, and if you get involved in politics. Most celebrities are beautiful and handsome and have some inborn talent with good memories and have succeeded by working much at their profession. If you don’t have these qualities aim for more realistic practical goals in life which you can achieve so you don’t consider yourself to be a failure in life for not reaching or being able to reach the pinnacle of celebrity success.

Many young humans would like to have a good job and career and are deceived into getting a liberal arts education and college degree which upon graduation will have very few jobs in the technological age.

Many humans want to be healthy and there are plenty of deceivers pushing fad diets, fad drinks, supplement pills, weight reduction pills, health gyms, prescription drugs, and health spas few of which will keep you healthy or make you healthy. Eat a great variety of nutritious certified organic food and you will stay healthy for a long duration with a little personalized exercise such as walking fast or doing body movements for about 20 minutes about three times a week.

Many young humans would like to find the ideal mate or sexual partner and there are plenty of deceivers pushing no cost or low cost dating services, pornography, and escort services to improve your relationships. Many don’t realize that honesty and sincerity and a good job and good personality is what will increase the probability of a good marriage and a few good friends.

Many humans are desperately poor, depressed with the life they are living, and bored and there are plenty of deceivers legal and illegal pushing drugs to make you feel great or better instantly for a price.  Drugs are an illogical wrong addiction which will make you poorer and may even lead to desperation, mental illness, and death.

Many look for meaning in their life and want to live a morally good or right oneThere are many evangelicals offering you purpose, happiness and success in life if you listen to their advice and support their organization with money which will make you poorer and the increase in relationship skills is minimal.

Many would like to be successful in business and there are plenty of new books and new franchises deceiving you at discount prices that you will be a successful businessman or businesswoman. Almost all fail and lose their money because the odds are against you with cheap wholesale prices which only the big rich franchises can get.

If you have a want or a desire in life there are always deceivers ready to dangle it in front of you and promise it to you for a price. The truth is that most successful worthwhile goals in life require a moral character, some inborn talent, and a dedicated conscientious input of much time, energy, money, and the right kind of selfeducation and/or official useful education which has realistic application in an existing job.

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