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TRUE: Coffee can make you defecate

Both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee can stimulate peristalsis or bowel movement, especially if you drink three or more cups at once. If can help you to poop.


TRUE: Coffee is not good for pregnant women

Almost no artificial drug is healthy or good for the fetus and coffee is a drug which can cause bad irregular heartbeat in the fetus.


TRUE: Coffee can help you to focus and increase your ability to remember

Coffee increases brain activity in the memory rich frontal lobe and the attention controlling anterior cingulum causing an increase in your ability to focus and memorize.


MYTH: Coffee fixes hangovers

Coffee may wake up a drunk and slightly dehydrate the body but it will not reduce the amount of alcohol in the blood and make you more sober.


MYTH: Coffee will probably cause insomnia

If you drink three or more cups of coffee before bedtime then you may have a little trouble falling asleep right away but in about 8 to 10 hours about 75% of the caffeine in your blood is gone so if you have coffee for breakfast and lunch it should not affect your sleep and insomnia is not caused by the caffeine if you do have insomnia. Even one cup of coffee before bedtime will minimally keep you from falling asleep and definitely not cause insomnia.


MYTH: Coffee helps to relieve stress

Coffee is not a depressant but a stimulant which increases brain activity and makes you more susceptible to anxiety and panic attacks and can cause more stress not less.


MYTH: Coffee makes women’s breasts smaller

This lie was probably invented by a husband or father who didn’t want his wife or daughter to drink so much coffee so he tried to play on the fear or inadequacy that women feel about having small breasts. Coffee does not affect the growth of body parts and if it did then you could make an untrue claim that coffee also stunts the growth or decreases the size of male penises.


MYTH: Coffee is addictive in normal doses

Coffee may be habit forming for many humans but unless you consume very large amounts of it on a daily basis and change your metabolism then you will not suffer from headaches, anxiety, and irritability which are withdrawal symptoms from excessive daily caffeine consumption. Coffee in large doses can be addictive but not as severe an addiction as there is to artificial and natural highly addictive drugs


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