TRUTH: Blogging can improve your writing skills.

Practicing writing not only eventually makes you a better writer but it will cure you of the illusion that everything which you write about is important to other humans. Given enough time you will realize that most humans do not care about your personal life and don’t pay attention to over 90% of the things which you write about.

 TRUTH: Most bloggers quickly run out of things to write about which interest other humans.

Blogging with interesting topics requires much work researching the material to write about. No new input in your brain results in no new output from your brain and translates into a dead end in your blogging experience. This is one of the major reasons why bloggers give up quickly and stop blogging.

 TRUTH: The most that you can expect from your blogging is random casual contacts with humans and no serious close friendships.

Most bloggers contact you because they liked your blog article but the probability that you will find a soul mate or close friend who shares your unique interests or passions in life and who can help you is highly improbable.

TRUTH: If you are the rare blogger who has 100 or more followers and have been blogging for about 6 months the chances are great that most of them are not blogging anymore and only a small fraction of them are still following you.

MYTH: Blogging will make you rich.

There are quite a few blogging scamers who are pushing their get rich quick scams such as AWOL. Others are scamming you with clever weight loss scams which promise you quick weight loss with a revolutionary weight loss secret. Of course you have to pay your hard earned money to get in on the scams designed to get money from you and leave you disappointed and angry.

MYTH: Blogging will help you sell your published book.

Your blogging followers are usually relatively poor and with a thousand and one interests few of which are reading books with the subject that you are hoping to promote. You probably need about 100,000 followers to sell about a hundred copies of your published book. I have about 17 books to choose from and haven’t sold one with about 200 followers. Dream on because blogging is not a good promotion tool for selling books.

MYTH: Blogging is a good way to promote your business

I have come across bloggers who are trying to promote their business such as a franchise for public school digital education in India, managerial consultants, book editors, legal consultation, and a medical research hospital in the UK. They are trying to contact bloggers based on the key words which they use and I personally think it is a very inefficient way to solicit customers and they are wasting almost all of their time, energy, and money.


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