Most of us are not eating right. Most of us are stuck with bad eating habits where we eat too much high calorie nutrition deficient fast food, too much sweet overly processed food which includes sodas, energy drinks, and deserts such as donuts, cake, and cookies. We eat too little variety because we have been addicted to a predictable bad habit of eating the same limited foods over and over again because we like their taste and for no logical reason other than that.


False fad diets to reduce weight and lopsided vegan diets which leave about 97% of vegans deficient in vitamin B12 and other nutrients found in meat destroy the variety of foods necessary for a healthy varied omnivore diet. Unless you have a food allergy you should be eating a little of everything in moderation to stay healthy and add a little exercise such as walking fast for about 20 minutes about three times a week.


Most of us are not experimental eaters because nature has programmed us to be wary of new foods which had the potential of poisoning us in the wild historically. We are emotionally afraid of new foods!!! Once we develop eating food habits we tend to stick with them for life unless threatened with bad health and then we sometimes force ourselves to change our diets. To eat healthy again you have to overcome the emotional resistance your mind has to new and better foods.


What you have to overcome is personal food biases which are mental handicaps to better more varied eating. I never eat nuts and sour cream with a salad, I never drink milk after a hearty dinner, I would never add cheese, clams, eggs, and veggies to chicken noodle soup, I would never eat yogurt after eating meat or a burger, I would never add veggies to a hamburger patty, I would never add nuts or real fruit to my cereal, I would never add small chunks of blood sausage to beef stew, etc. This reluctance to mix foods or to try to add new ones to a recipe is the major handicap which all of us will have to overcome to eat more nutritiously.


The fact is that adding a good tasting food to a good tasting food very frequently results in an even better tasting more nutritious food. If there is a food which you don’t like the taste of independently then consider adding it in small quantities to a food which you like so that you barely taste it. Adding a little broccoli, sprouts, kale or spinach etc. to your favorite soup will make it more nutritious and healthy and you will barely notice the difference.


If you want the nutritional value of ten or more herbs then add them to your favorite soup in almost imperceptible amounts and you will have increased the nutritional value of your soup without sacrificing good taste.


Experiment with food. If it is a new food and it is certified organic then it is probably something which you should include in your diet. If you don’t like the taste of a food and it is not repulsive, then add a little of it to foods or recipes which you like. Force yourself to experiment with new varied foods and you won’t need the illusory lopsided vitamin and mineral supplements which humans consume thinking that they are compensating for not eating a healthy varied nutritious diet. Instead of artificial food supplements add a little bee pollen to some of your meals which is gotten from many natural flowers and is highly nutritious with a boatload of vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients.


If you have any favorite recipes then EXPERIMENT by adding small quantities of other good foods to it. Variety is the spice of life when it comes to food and your meals will not only be more interesting but more healthy and nutritious also.


Final note: Some of us are addicted to fast food because we feel that we don’t have the time to make food ourselves or we simply like the taste and have developed a habit of eating it exclusively. If you refuse to change then at least eat a variety of fast foods in moderation. Eat pizza, burgers, chicken, tacos, burritos, sandwiches, etc. from more than one fast food place and try to patronize an outfit like Chipotles which tries to serve some organic food. A large variety of fast food from many companies is better and more nutritious than just eating at one favorite fast food outlet and definitely healthier.

CONCLUSION: Don’t eat just one food or a handful of foods but eat hundreds of different foods in small quantities or in moderation. Try to eat more unsweetened, unprocessed, non GMO and certified organic foods as close to their natural state as possible.

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