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Nature has purpose. Find or grow food, get shelter from predators or the environment, and reproduce the next generation.

Historically humans had purpose in their lives. Get an education, get a moral education, work at a job, buy food, shelter, transportation, and basic necessities and have a family.

Today in society few get the proper education, few get a moral education, few find good paying jobs, few can afford to live in a family setting and support offspring, and most are brainwashed and handicapped by a hedonistic culture which emphasizes fun and entertainment without responsibilities.

Many are depressed feeling that their lives have no purpose because they have no job or a bad job and can’t afford to live a fulfilling family life. Many more have no moral code to live by and are lousy at human relationships because relativistic ethics does not give useful answers on how to live a fulfilling life in this modern demanding ever changing technological 21st century.

Computers, robots, the internet, and big business are eliminating many historically fulfilling jobs which required much skill and gave people a sense of independence, self-worth, and fulfillment.

Increasingly more and more people are feeling unwanted, unnecessary, and incompetent and are losing a sense of purpose in their lives. Welcome to the brave new world where more and more people will be living destitute and unemployed and on government welfare!

Sure, there will always be humans who will find purpose in their lives by putting in the time, effort, and reeducation to land a good paying job and have a successful family life because they have a strong morality and know how to form trustworthy honest relationships with other humans. Unfortunately, their numbers are being drastically reduced and most of the population is destined to live without purpose in their lives.

Get used to living without purpose or try to do something about it and try to improve your life. My evergreen book HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE: HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT; HOW TO SAVE TIME AND MONEY is worth reading if having purpose in your life is important to you.

If you want real purpose in your life then try to live it with a strong secular moral code to guide you. My suggestion to the new generation is a secular moral code which in a nutshell is don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. This can give meaning and purpose to secular future generations into the foreseeable future and it can give purpose to your seemingly depressing hopeless life.

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