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 1.     Humans lie and deceive for personal benefit and/or to benefit or to hurt others.

Rarely does a human lie to hurt themselves which is a form of masochism or a desperate attempt to get pity or sympathy from others and hopefully gain personally by manipulating another’s emotions. Beggars are sometimes real life examples of humans manipulating human emotions for personal benefit.

 2.     If a human is a member of a group then they may lie and deceive for mutual benefit. Doctors frequently deceive or do not report on the bad medical practices of their coworkers or fellow doctors and the result is hurting their profession as a whole.

 3.     Language with its one word emotional generalized descriptions is structured to make lying and deception inevitable and frequently unintentional.


Lying for personal benefit may be to maintain a good personal reputation or trying to hide an embarrassing, wrong, or immoral personal action which frequently deserves punishment. Lying about another human is sometimes done to maintain that human’s personal reputation for doing something embarrassing, wrong, or immoral which frequently deserves punishment.


Lying for personal benefit to be praised and/or rewarded for something they personally did not do which may hurt another who deserves the praise and/or reward.


Lying and deceiving may be done to hurt another’s reputation or to get praise, a reward, or a material possession from another which is frequently done for personal gain or vindictiveness at the expense of another.


Humans sometimes lie and deceive for personal short duration protection or benefit which they also erroneously hope will be long duration protection or benefit. Humans lie and deceive to protect, benefit, or hurt others. 


Language structure lies and deceives. Language is structured to give yes or no, love or hate, like or dislike, approve or disapprove, beautiful or ugly answers to questions but reality is frequently much different and there are seldom absolutes or generalities which convey the whole truth. Saying that a human is stupid is frequently a lie because that human does not do stupid things all the time.


You may love something about a gift but hate some aspect of it, you may think a dress has the potential to be beautiful if only it did not have one or two ugly features, and you may want to answer that it is yes most of the time but that there are exceptions to the rule and the answer is sometimes no.


An archaic language forces us to lie because of its absolute or general concepts and that is why prejudice prevails because stereotypes of ethnic and political groups are made which are seldom true in all cases for all members of an ethnic or political group. Blacks are lazy and Jews are stingy, Republicans are conservative and Democrats are liberal is the kind of bias which language structure is mostly to blame because of its tendency towards absolute or general one word emotional descriptions.

Offspring frequently try to lie to avoid punishment or condemnation for doing something bad, wrong, or immoral. If offspring hit their sibling or another offspring or steal some toy from a sibling or neighborhood offspring then they may lie to try and maintain a good reputation with their parents and avoid deserved punishment.

Adults are just like offspring and sometimes lie to maintain their reputation and avoid condemnation by others for doing something bad, wrong, or immoral. More frequently adults lie and deceive to get rewards and material benefits from others which they would not be able to do if they told the truth or behaved in trustworthy ways.



Lying and deception are programmed into language usage and it is a struggle trying to use it logically in an unbiased non deceptive way. If you consciously or intentionally lie and deceive it is just a question of time before your lies and deceptions are revealed and your reputation will hit the toilet.

Trustworthiness is a history of being honest, sincere, and telling the truth reliably and that means that if you want an excellent social reputation and want to become a trustworthy leader someday then you should never intentionally lie or deceive.

Personal relationships with other humans, especially family and close friendships will also suffer if you intentionally lie or deceive.

Humans lie and deceive to get rewards that they don’t deserve and to avoid punishment because nature tries to be efficient and lying and deception sometimes seems to be the most efficient way of getting what you want or need, especially if you don’t feel that you will be caught in your lies and deceptions.

Deception is really a hidden lie which language promotes with its irrational, illogical, emotionally biased structure.


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You’ll feel better if you express your anger openly:

Beating up an inanimate object which isn’t always available or cussing much when you feel angry just reinforces a bad habit which makes you feel good and the probability that you will want to repeat the experience increases every time. Expressing anger is addictive and you don’t want to develop a reputation of exploding in inappropriate social situations. 

Counting to ten or twenty silently until anger intensity fades and then proceeding with speech or actions is a far better solution and won’t leave you with a reputation of being a raving lunatic.


You will succeed if you just believe in yourself:

Selfesteem has to be grounded in reality in order for it to have beneficial results or successful results. Being told that you are great without you doing anything great is a lie which reality will not reward with success. If you are socially incompetent or incompetent because of a lack of skills and unreliable also then no amount of selfesteem will make up for your inadequacies and you are doomed to fail frequently.

The real solution to success is acquiring or learning better social and knowledge skills and not pretending that you deserve respect and admiration because you think highly of yourself without the facts or actions to back this up. Learn the skills necessary for success and you will start succeeding and your true selfesteem will grow with each success.


Cult members are stupid gullible sheep:

The suicide cults get all the public attention and humans generalize that all cults must have stupid gullible humans. The truth is that many cults have smart humans who function normally in society and just happen to like to form groups of humans with common ideas and actions which are deviant forms of normal social behavior but the beliefs don’t make the humans dysfunctional in society at large. Biker groups with scary reputations and Scientology could be considered cults but their members interact with society and many are not stupid gullible sheep.


Subliminal messages can affect your behavior subconsciously:

Playing music backwards and a message flashed imperceptibly during an advertisement supposedly has the power to influence your behavior and cause you to buy a product. If this were true then political leaders would flash political messages subliminally and be able to control your political behavior and take over your mind. The fact is that none of this has scientific backing and proof and it is a big myth.


A lie detector test can determine if you are lying:

A polygraph determines physical responses during questioning and passing the test can give a false sense of security to the tester. Scientific tests have been made and it turns out that the test is just a little better than 50/50 or a flip of the coin and Aldrich Ames a famous Soviet spy beat the polygraph every time it was used.


Homophobes are secretly gay:

There is no scientific evidence for this but about half the population of males is against homosexuals so that theoretically makes half the population gay, a highly unlikely possibility.

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If you are depressed then you don’t need medication or mind altering drugs but you need to find satisfying and motivating goals which you can commit to.

Some are depressed because of no job, a dead end job, a dysfunctional family life, an absence of good relationships, because of bad health, or a feeling of helplessness and inadequacy to cope with life’s problems. Most depressed humans don’t need drugs but need a radical change in their lifestyle. Psychiatry and psychology are frequently inadequate solutions to a lifestyle problem of sad pessimism rather than a desirable independent optimistic selfsufficient lifestyle.

Primitive tribes almost have no mental illness and depression because they are actively involved in a purposeful life which may be difficult but it is goal oriented and generally satisfying. Modern inactivity, unsatisfying activity, being trapped in repetitive sad thoughts, leading seemingly trivial repetitive lives without active goal achievement and a sense of accomplishment, or seemingly insoluble lingering bad problems is what makes many humans “mentally ill” or behaviorally dysfunctioning and depression is one of the more frequent manifestations of it.

Counseling rarely helps because it merely suggests changes in lifestyle but does not help in eliminating difficult to lose bad habits which should be replaced by good habits which don’t lead to depression. If you are doing things which make you depressed then you have to change to good habits which do not lead to depression. Radical behavior modification is the solution and if you are a young adult or an adult then change is going to be a difficult challenge because most of your life has programmed you to live a depressing dependent lifestyle with minimum selfcontrol over your life.

To get out of your depression you need to find and make new goals to pursue which will lead to the satisfaction of pursuit and accomplishment and will further motivate you to make more goals with hopefully satisfying feelings of pursuit and achievement. Knowing that you are in the process of achieving new worthwhile goals will bring satisfaction in the present and achieving the goals will give satisfaction and motivation to continue with new goal setting in the future.

If you are depressed a healthy body and mind should be your primary goals which means eating healthy, a little exercise, and getting new knowledge and/or skills on a daily basis. Once your body is healthy your mind will follow if you help it along with new knowledge from the internet on finding and achieving goals or finding and achieving solutions to your problems.

This next example probably doesn’t apply to any blogger but illustrates what can be done in the most desperate of life’s circumstances.

If you are depressed and unemployed and destitute then get some help from welfare or live with someone on welfare and make yourself useful by doing household tasks or caring for the offspring.  If you have relatives or family then move in with them and make yourself useful by helping with household tasks and acquire new knowledge and skills while looking for employment on a regular basis. Find any job and commute by walking, bicycle, bus, or scooter until you can afford better transportation.

Share living quarters with others until you are making enough money to live alone. Once you have enough money for a computer then you can reeducate yourself with new knowledge and skills necessary for a better job.

If you have no motivation to improve yourself then start getting used to living a life on welfare for the rest of your life because jobs will get even scarcer in the new technological 21st century. If you are homeless and have no shelter then start getting used to eating out of commercial restaurant dumpsters and make the best of it by finding used clothing from charities.

If you are anti-social and want someone to provide you with food, clothing, and shelter and you can’t survive on your own then do the unthinkable and commit a crime and go to jail where they will take care of your basic needs.

Most of us will not become so desperate that crime will be the only option. For most of us, once you find out what goals you are interested in, no matter how small, then you can start committing to them and start having purpose in your life and your depression will gradually disappear if you are eating healthy and get in some occasional physical and mental exercise!!!!!! Whatever your situation in life, try to remain eternally optimistic and self motivate yourself to do things which make the best out of the situation which you are in.

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Nature has purpose in life. Survive in the environment and if you do so successfully then you will be rewarded with being able to reproduce the next generation. If you have educated yourself to the point where you land a good paying job, enough to support a family, then you too can marry and live a rewarding family life with purpose knowing that your reproductive urges will be satisfied and you will have offspring which you hopefully will have pride in old age.

If you are single and hate your job and don’t want to commit to married life then the question of purpose in your life becomes a serious issue.  I don’t want to commit to a spouse so what do I commit to? 

Some humans decide that they will commit to reeducation and the hope of getting a satisfying job in the future,

some decide that they will commit to a greater cause such as the preservation of biodiversity and channel their efforts in that direction,

some decide that they will pursue their interest in an arts field which pays poorly but is something they truly enjoy,

some commit to a political movement and try to change the world, some commit to leading a healthy life by eating healthily and exercising,

still others commit to a life of hedonistic pleasure or things which immediately bring satisfaction to them,

and some do not commit to anything but continue to live lives of uncertainty and depressing isolation. 

If you are single and uncommitted then try to find one or more things to commit to which will hopefully bring you lasting satisfaction in your single life. If you don’t know where to start then start by acquiring new knowledge by going on the internet and searching under list of goals which you can commit to.

I came up with one link which is just one example of how to find goals which you can commit to. A general list of the 100 goals follows which you can find details for in the link.











Once you find out what goals you are interested in then you can start committing to them and start having purpose in your life!!!!!!

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You can initially trust a human who may not be trustworthy because they have to prove that they deserve trust through actions which means that they should also be competent, reliable, and/or don’t steal in the area of trust in which they should have expertise.

You can have a seemingly honest and sincere human who isn’t very competent or reliable in a job or career and is someone who is not trustworthy and someone whom you would not want to be in a position of authority.

An unreliable human is frequently one who makes a promise and does not fulfill it. This is a form of lying about the future of one’s potential performance and the human is not really being honest with you. Yes, there are unforeseen future events which can make a promise null and void realistically but a frequent history of unreliability or not fulfilling promises makes one untrustworthy and effectively a compulsive liar.

Can you trust an incompetent mechanic? No, and if a mechanic promises to fix your car and can’t then they are lying about their competence and you can’t trust the mechanic.

If a politician promises to fix the economy and fails to do so they are lying to you and even if they are incompetent and unreliable they should know of this incompetence and unreliability and they are effectively lying to you and are untrustworthy and not deserving of your trust.

Being honest or not lying is the most important human characteristic and if that human is incompetent and unreliable then they are lying to you with untrue promises about their competency and reliability then they are not really being truly honest with you.

Is a new relationship, personal or business, going to be a trustworthy one? Only time will tell unless you have trustworthy humans who claim that the human has a history of trustworthiness. Then you can start trusting them with some degree of reliability.

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Nature is efficient. It communicates efficiently, distributes resources such as food and territory efficiently, and rewards the smart and healthy with successful reproduction.

Most humans in civilization are inefficient communicators, don’t budget their time, energy, and money wisely, and have to frequently struggle to eat healthy and have offspring whom they can be proud of.

Do you make many promises and don’t fulfill most of them?

Do you talk too much and don’t solve many problems?

Do you have many casual friends and few if any close ones?

Do you argue much and solve few problems?

Do you spend too much time goofing off and find little time for the important things in your life?

Do you have great debt all the time?

Do you pick up after your offspring and let them lead messy lives?

Do you drive around town much visiting friends and impulsively shopping?

Do you date frequently and find no serious ones?

do you not set priorities in your life consciously,

Do you not have any serious long duration goals?

If you have many of the above characteristics then you are being inefficient with your time, energy, and money and you probably have a good share of misery in your impulsive problematic life.

I can write a book on inefficiency and have devoted many of my evergreen blogs to thinking rationally and being efficient but in a nutshell:

Set priorities and goals in your life,

Schedule your time,

Budget your money,

replace what you don’t now feel are impulsive bad habits with better ones,

acquire new useful knowledge and skills constantly,

and in summary: devote most of your time, energy, and money to the most important things in your life once you have prioritized them with conscientious thinking, planning, and doing. Get off your impulsive emotional butt!!!!!!


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You both trust one another or are honest, sincere, dependable, and trustworthy, and feel secure that neither one of you will cheat on the other financially or sexually. This basically means that you have a strong common morality which you believe in which is don’t lie, don’t steal, and don’t commit adultery if married.


Your thoughts and feelings are mutually shared and not hidden from one another thus promoting trust.

You optimistically encourage and praise or nurture one another when you succeed at doing something important or when things are going very good. When things are not going very good you try to maintain an optimism that things will get better with appropriate changes or solutions to bad problems.

You try to protect one another from bad habits, bad influences, and bad humans. You encourage the replacement or reduction of bad habits with good ones, try and prevent a minor problem from becoming a bad irritating habit, and steer relationships with others to good role model friends and not bad ones. Where offspring are involved you try to make sure that your offspring are associating with good role model offspring and not bad ones.

You try to work as a team giving each other help when it seems necessary for better functioning.

You display affection almost on a daily basis with personal gestures and pet names for each other and appropriate kissing.

You know your partner’s goals and hopes for the future and you enjoy supporting  or nurturing the important ones.

Leading by example is important to raising a successful family. Being a good parent role model teaches respect, work ethic, and social appropriateness and is not saying bad things about your partner, using physical force to get what you want, or neglecting the needs of your dependents. This teaches offspring that abusive relationships are not acceptable.


You rarely express contempt for your partner by cussing at them, calling them crazy or stupid, and stereotyping their behavior in other ways such as saying that you ALWAYS do that when it is not true in all cases.

Trying to answer questions in as short and understandable way as possible is important but this is only possible after having been a GOOD LISTENER and having understood what is being communicated. Being a good listener not only means getting the point or points but also correctly getting the emotional tone of what is being said. Sometimes all that a partner is looking for is emotional support and not necessarily any physical help in resolving a problem.

Good communication does not include yelling, blaming, threats, demands, name calling, or threatening suicide if your partner leaves.

You discuss rather than argue when you disagree on something and try to see the other’s point of view as usually being reasonable if not very acceptable to you personally.

You think your partner has good ideas quite frequently and they are ideas which you are willing to try to see if they work better or are solutions to problems.

You have talked enough to have intimate knowledge of your partner’s past and present life. For example, you know his or her favorite and not so favorite things in life such as a favorite book, song, food, relative, proudest offspring moment and most embarrassing offspring moment. You know his or her best friend’s best trait and his or her worst characteristic and you generally know the kind of humans that he or she comes into contact on a daily basis.



You know how to budget your money and don’t go into excessive debt with impulsive over spending. You either both have good jobs or one of you has a good enough paying job to support you and one offspring for a year or more. You are smart enough to have a savings account or very secure investment for life’s emergencies, offspring higher education, and retirement.


Not wasting time, energy, and money is not only important on the job but is also important in a good relationship. You schedule your work time and you should also try to schedule your family time so there is always time to spend on important things such as getting enough sleep, some exercise, a good healthy meal, time with the offspring, and time with each other.

If you are efficient with your family life then you will have more promises fulfilled, less time spent on trivial pursuits which just waste time, energy, and money, and you will have time left over to improve your lives with more knowledge and new skills which can come in handy for a better paying job or career. Your life will be more predictable, interesting, and fulfilling if you budget your time, energy, and money wisely and do it by the clock or a schedule where you establish the important priorities in your lives and focus more attention on them to mutual benefit.

To set important priorities in family life you can ask these questions: What am I spending time on now? How much time am I spending on it? How important is the activity in our lives? Which priorities should I spend more time, energy, and money on?

Human society is very inefficient and selfindulgent with too much emphasis on mindless entertainment. Eliminate much of the mindless entertainment from your lives or reduce it to a bare minimum and you will have successful useful goal oriented relationships which grow in value and happiness as time progresses.

Excluding or severely reducing the time spent on bad lazy fruitless time consuming habits is not going to be easy because you are getting some satisfaction by doing them but if you succeed in replacing or reducing the old time consuming bad habits and increasing the time spent on good habits then the whole family will benefit!!!!!!

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Perhaps one of the most difficult things to do is problem solving where you frequently don’t know where to start or how to start.


You may have an overspending problem but neither one of you know how to budget money or stop much of your impulse buying which is a bad habit and feels like the logical or natural thing to do. If you spend when you feel like it or as long as there is credit on your credit card and budgeting doesn’t even surface as a potential way of solving your problems then you will probably wallow in your old bad spending habits and never find a solution to them. Frequently an inability to find a solution to the problem results in mutual blame. You are spending too much money and the other spouse replies that no, you are the one spending too much money and an absence of problem solution results in the blame game and nagging complaints which never get resolved.

These days there is no excuse for not solving problems because all you have to do is identify it or put it into one or more words. “Overspending problem” can be Googled and you are on your way to solving your problem with continued searches with other key words and Google suggestions.

Once you have identified the problem then you have to find possible solutions.


Find solutions by asking the questions who will solve the problem, what are the solutions to the problem, when the problem can be solved, where the problem can be solved, how much it will cost to solve the problem, and how the problem can be solved. All of these questions can be inputted as a Google search. For example, “what are the solutions to overspending” can be Googled and you will start getting answers to your problem.

If you have offspring and are having discipline problems with them then Google “discipline problems” and you will be on your way to finding solutions to them.

If you are not happy with one search engine then try another one such as Bing and you will even find age appropriate suggestions for disciplining offspring.

Another way of finding solutions to problems is to find a website which has articles about solving household problems. founded by Stacy Johnson is an excellent website which offers many solutions to money problems in family life which are usually the reason that you are having problems in family life in the first place. Manage your money wisely and if you have compatible personalities then your married life should be successful.


If there is more than one solution to your problem then you will have to decide which is the best one to choose. The best solution will probably be the one which takes the least amount of time and the least money and a solution which can be scheduled into your busy or not so busy lifestyle.


Nothing gets done unless you follow up a problem with actions designed to solve it so WHEN you are going to start to do something about it becomes a very important decision. If the solution is long and complicated then you will have a tendency to want to procrastinate or put it off as much as possible so you will have to learn how to set aside some time and apply a little selfdiscipline and get off your butt and DO something about the problem. My recommendation is to start as soon as possible or you will probably never find the courage to start to do something about it.

Getting reeducated for a better paying job is frequently a potential solution to your problems but so many of us never get around to it because it requires so much of our time, sometimes money, and we never have the courage or selfdiscipline or selfcontrol to start on the difficult path to improve skills and knowledge and actually do something constructive about our poor finances.


If the solution to the problem is rather complex and lengthy then you should monitor your progress to reassure yourself that you are making progress toward your goal of solving the problem. If you are not making progress fast enough you may consider devoting more time or money to the solution of the problem to speed up the process of solving it if you are starting to get a little impatient.

Sometimes problem solving is a simple matter of addressing a complaint and deciding whether to ignore it, eliminate the source or cause of the complaint, or deny that it should be a complaint in the first place.

You never help around the kitchen or house is sometimes a nagging complaint by a busy wife who sees you lounging around the kitchen or house and not helping with any of the work in preparing the meal, setting the table, washing the dishes and silverware, or vacuuming the carpet.

Traditionally men would just simply say that meals or vacuuming are women’s work and ignore any complaints about not helping. These days with many a working wife it is just not fair to ask a woman to do all the traditional female housework tasks without helping out a little.

I usually help set the table and do the cleanup and dishes after the meal is finished. I have also participated in sharing some of the cooking preparation or actual cooking itself but that requires a little finesse because your wife probably has set ways of preparing a meal and if you try to deviate from her plans you will get resistance or complaints. The old adage about too many ideological cooks in the kitchen is true to some extent and it is sometimes a real challenge to put up with being dogmatically ordered around during meal preparation.

In the beginning my wife was very dogmatic about the way that she prepared her meals and wanted very little deviation from her old way of doing the meal but she has slowly come around and agreed to some of my recommended changes to make a meal more tasty for all concerned which may simply mean a little less salt and pepper and a little less spices or different spices or added ingredients for the meal.

If meal preparation is not an option because it takes too long then you can order a takeout meal for all family members and satisfy their individual taste preferences when they are old enough to make good healthy food choices.


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The 3 most important principles of good leadership and/or teamwork in any organization is following the rules of the organization, knowing and communicating the general goals of the organization, and knowing and communicating the goals which each member of the organization should have. The rules and goals which each member of a team should follow is especially important if you are a team leader and not at the top of an organization.

The 4 general principles of teamwork:

1. Teamwork means a leader communicating general goals and assigning relevant specific goals for most or all important members

2. Making sure that all the necessary information and skills are or will be available to achieve the goals in a timely way,

3. Helping individual team members function well together by establishing an atmosphere of trust and cooperation between the team leader and individual members among themselves,

4. After proper optimistic motivation rewarding members for achieving timely and acceptable goals.

As a team leader it is your job to set goals for each team member by assigning individual responsibilities and involving members in the decision making process or problem solving process to some extent so that they feel free to contribute their creative ideas if they have any and feel that their opinions are valued and should not be hidden.

Identifying the skills necessary and and general information which will be necessary to complete the goals is vital and identifying the members with the skills or ability to get the necessary information is important. Pairing up lesser skilled individuals, who may need help with more skilled individuals who can teach them what may be necessary to know to achieve the goals, may be beneficial.

To encourage trust and cooperation between members it is important for the leader to give unconditional support to all the members as needed. All promises made by the leader should be fulfilled. Frequent meetings of 5 or 6 members rather than 20 or 30 should be made to evaluate the progress of the group and make sure that only a few members are not the only ones working or doing all the work.

Your workers should be self motivated and any workers who interfere with the efficient operation of the team with bad behaviors such as continuously interrupting members during a meeting, yelling at team mates, back stabbing, failing to be supportive of others, insubordination to the team leader, not doing work in a timely way, complaining about decisions, criticizing without just cause, and inappropriate humor should be severely reprimanded and if the bad behavior does not stop and the member is guilty of two or more bad behaviors a removal from the team or even firing is essential to maintain good morale in the team.

When hiring a new team member make it a team decision and make sure that once expertise is more than adequate that the personality and social skills are also compatible with the team. Also identify and exclude members who strongly think that teamwork will handicap their creativity or hinder their personal advancement in the organization.

Share your information and skills with members and encourage members to share their information and skills with other members and reward them with bonuses, free lunches, time off, or praise when goals are achieved in a timely way.

Here is a link to an original article on teamwork by Geoffrey James.

Here is a link to 13 ways to encourage teamwork by Edward Chalmers.

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There are hundreds of tips and advice on marriage but few identify the most important building blocks which create a very good foundation for a long duration marriage. The 4 most important foundations are-







In an increasingly relativistic world where situation ethics or loose morality is being taught by professionals and condoned by society at large, the statistics for successful marriages are depressing and getting worse. You don’t need archaic religious morality to guide you but you do need to share a strong secular morality to make a marriage work. The two most important moral principles in that secular morality are DON’T LIE and DON’T COMMIT ADULTERY IF MARRIED.

If you believe that being honest, sincere, and trying to be truthful are not important in a marriage then you will not have a trusting relationship in the marriage and without trust you will be living in constant fear, uncertainty, suspicion, stress, and turmoil. Any initial bond, which may only be primarily sexual, which helped to initially keep your relationship together will be broken and the relationship will destruct sooner if not later. If at any point in the relationship you find out that you can’t TRUST your partner, DON’T MARRY him or her.

If you find out, hopefully in time, that your potential mate has been a playboy or playgirl for 5 to 10 years then the odds are against you that you will have an adulterous free marriage and the probability that you will divorce sooner or later is very large. If your potential mate has many adulterous friends then this is also a dangerous sign that you too will probably be victimized by the same fate sooner or later. If you have lived together for about one year, are financially secure enough to support one child and can’t get a commitment to marry then end the relationship because it is a purely sexual one and your potential mate is hoping to find a better mate in the future.



If you find out that your potential spouse does not respect you and does not show an interest in and support most of the things that you like and love to do or does not care about you then consider him or her an incurable selfcentered egotist. It is a human who has not learned to care about other humans and it is unfortunately too late to teach them how to be a nurturing and protective or a caring individual.



Inadequate finances or irresponsible management of finances is the leading cause of divorce. If you are good at budgeting money and your potential spouse is not then it is possible for the responsible spouse to take over the financial management successfully if the other is seriously willing to do so. If both of you have independent jobs and accounts and both are irresponsible financially and impulsive in your spending habits then the marriage will almost never succeed.

Offspring are always an additional financial responsibility and if you haven’t enough money to support any then use birth control until you can responsibly support offspring. If you both are working then make sure that just one of you can support the family on your own for a year or more unless you both earn enough to pay for a full time nanny and can continue to work after a very short pregnancy period which will not result in losing a good paying job.



A great disadvantage in solving family problems is frequent emotional displays, many emotional arguments, constant criticism, a general inability to discuss problems rationally, and an unwillingness or inability to give emotional support when needed in times of personal hardship and stress. Emotional eruptions shut down an ability to discuss and solve a problem and if one of you can’t control your emotions or shut down and don’t communicate at all about important topics then the marriage will fail in the long duration.


Find a human who you can trust, who demonstrates with actions and words that he cares about you, who is financially capable and responsible, and who has good communication skills and the probability is great that you will have a long duration marriage! If you can’t find the above human then get ready for much disappointment and failure in your relationship and it probably won’t last!!!!!! Of course if you fall madly in love with a human with the above characteristics and abilities and go past the infatuation stage then you will have nice memories to think about in old age if you do marry.


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Extreme desire for one goal such a career may mean that other important goals such as a good family life and strong friendships may be sacrificed.  For some women extreme dedication to family may mean that they sacrifice a good career.  Variety in life is usually sacrificed where there is extreme desire for one or only a few goals.


A selfdisciplined person has learned selfcontrol and has learned the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a goal(s).


A selfreliant person can achieve a goal(s) largely with his own knowledge and/or skills.


Serenity is frequently an unintended goal which comes to people (incapacitated by illness and/or incapacitated by accident) and/or slowed down by old age but it frequently doesn’t exist in people with the responsibility of caring for a family or those pursuing a stressful job.


Simplicity or the shortest and/or least complex and/or speediest means to a goal(s) and is frequently the most efficient and best means to achieve a goal(s).


Success is the achievement of a goal(s).

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The general principle of good conversation is knowing how to give the right feedback or answer(s) to the communicator or sender of the message.

Communicate with one exclusively:

Multitasking during a conversation privately or on the phone is rude and inconsiderate unless it is an emergency which can’t wait but that is an extreme rarity. Give your complete attention to the human to whom you are talking to and they will feel important and acknowledged.


Make eye contact:

Don’t stare wide eyed at the human to whom you are talking to exclusively but do focus on the eyes or lips most of the time because it communicates trust and respect. If you don’t trust or respect the human whom you are talking to then eye contact is not that important and it can be occasional.

If your eyes are somewhere else you may seem that you are not being sincere or have something to hide or are even shy. I occasionally deviate slightly from eye contact and have a serious thinking face if there is such a thing when I agree or disagree with an opinion and I consider that perfectly normal for me. Rather than look at an emotionally contorted or angry face I divert eye attention to the shoulder or other body part to show my disproval and absence of a desire to look at an emotional facial display. When the emotional display is over then I focus back on the eyes and calmly answer.


Ask some questions:

Sometimes asking whether your assessment of the conversation’s important details is accurate is all the questioning which is necessary. Sometimes asking questions during the conversation is necessary to show that you are following what is being said and are trying to identify the important points or convey that you are thinking about the important points during the conversation. Asking questions suggests a serious attraction to a conversation and communicates that you are paying attention to what is being said.


Write down important facts:

Especially in a serious business conversation since most of us do not have perfect memories, it is smart to write down important facts or opinions which may be hard to remember a day or week after the conversation. It will be more efficient and you won’t get back an embarrassing answer at a future date that we discussed that topic before, don’t you remember?


Read and respond to the entire email:

Read and respond to all the points in an email so you don’t get misunderstandings about your answers. Not reading all the important points and replying to all of them can cause great inefficiency and misunderstandings because you will get confused emails back asking for further explanations about the points missed in the original email. If there are too many questions to answer then pick up the phone and discuss them all efficiently as short and to the point as possible.


Have a consistent response schedule:

Nothing is more frustrating than sending a text or email and not knowing when you will get a response. Try to make a general callback scheduling rule such as no more than 20 minutes to respond to a text and no more than 24 hours to respond to an email. Humans will appreciate that you have regular response habits and that you can be relied to respond in a timely fashion without forgetting completely and making unnecessary excuses about why you didn’t answer a communication.


Assume best intentions for short communications:

If a communication is short and to the point some humans may feel that you are being rude or you may think a human doing so is rude. Nothing could be further from the truth, assume the best intentions and be thankful that your time is not being wasted. Humans will add their own emotions to a short message and if there is friction or animosity between you then they may sometimes assume it is a hostile or aggressive message.


Complete acknowledgement of a message:

Nothing is so frustrating as to be anxious about whether a message was received or went to spam or wound up elsewhere. When you get a text of email reply promptly by saying “thank you” or “I got it” as a confirmation and this will not cause anxiety in the sender.


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Robots and computer software is quickly replacing boring, simple, and meaningless make work jobs but it also soon threatens to automate or to replace the diagnosing and treatment of complex diseases and will radically change many professions or careers. All this won’t translate to a shorter workweek but it will translate into armies of humans on government welfare and an elite working class.

My evergreen book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS outlines the necessary changes which will have to be made to avoid a revolution and massive social unrest. Already over 50% of graduates, especially in the liberal arts fields, can’t find a job upon graduation because they are not skilled enough in modern technology. We will have to radically reorganize education, politics, social structure, and the economy as outlined in my evergreen book COMMON SENSE.

Here is a link to a blog in the Economist which explains bullshit jobs in greater detail.

Here are some more shocking statistics about working in the USA and the bad state of jobs in general.

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Confirmation or similarity tendency (tendsim):n. a tendency for a human to agree and approve of  and want to interact with other humans with similar subsets

Humans generally like to agree with humans who have very similar or identical opinions, fears, and likes and agree with us. If humans disagree with us we feel uncomfortable, threatened, insecure, and annoyed that our ego, philosophy of life, opinions, fears, and pleasures are being challenged.

A result of this thinking makes us cling to one political party, one religion, one profession, and we generally like humans who also like our favorite sports teams or favorite pastimes. If you are like me then I will probably like you too no matter how illogically and irrationally you are behaving from an objective point of view.

An open minded individual is a rarity who tries to discover the objective truth in two or more differing opinions on the same subject or topic.

Ingroup tendency (tendingro):n. a tendency to want to be in and want to form stronger bonds with a group of humans with many similar subsets

We have an innate or inborn tribal instinct which helps us to form tighter bonds with our ingroup but it makes us suspicious, fearful, and disrespectful of other groups with different values and abilities. Many small ingroups listen to the same music, watch the same movies, the same TV shows, idolize the same celebrities, follow the same fashions, have similar party styles, and have a cliquishness about other rather trivial behaviors.

Rare is the individual with a global reference point who values global beliefs and activities and idolizes what is objectively good for most in the global community.

Gambler’s fallacy or predictive tendency (tendpred):n. a tendency to feel that past events and/or subsets will probably repeat themselves in the future also and especially the most recent events and/or subsets will continue into the immediate future

We tend to sense that past events have a large probability of also existing in the future. Thus if we flip a coin and it turns up heads 5 times in a row then we tend to sense that the next flip will be heads also even though the statistical probability is still 50/50. Also if we suddenly start to win there is an anticipation bias and we impulsively sense that we are winning now  and that we will also win in the near future which frequently turns out to be untrue. This is true of new relationships also where we impulsively believe that the new relationship will be better than a previous bad one even though we have not improved our personality or our job which would increase the probability of a good new relationship.

Justifying impulsive stupid or bad behavior (tendbajust): n. a tendency to justify bad and/or wrong behavior which frequently doesn’t have immediate severely bad consequences for the human

Make an impulsive expensive purchase or impulsively get angry at another human. After we do such impulsive actions we try to justify our actions since we were the ones making them and our selfrighteous ego does not want to admit that we made a mistake or did something bad.

Not being taught or not understanding mathematical probabilities (tendprob): n. a tendency to ignore probabilities in making decisions because of a bad habit and/or never having been taught to think probabalisticaly

Statistically driving a car is more dangerous than flying a plane which terrifies us more because of its infrequent use. A terrorist action terrifies us more than accidental poisoning or accidental injury from falling which is much more probable. We simply haven’t been taught statistical facts about the dangers in our lives and automatically judge the violent, infrequent, or strange action to be more dangerous than the common more probable dangers in everyday life.

Selective observation tendency (tendselob): n. a tendency to feel that an intensely observed subset(s) is now appearing with greater frequency in our lives and is not just coincidence which is the realistic explanation

We buy a new car and suddenly notice more of those same cars on the road, we become pregnant and suddenly notice more pregnant women, or we focus on a unique number or song and suddenly notice that it exists more frequently in our lives. Suddenly we erroneously feel that these are not mere coincidences but more frequent realities.

Status-quo tendency (tendstatquo):n. a tendency to want to remain or interact with habitual subsets and not want to change unless we sense that the status-quo no longer realistically works and/or is useful

Most of us sense that change is threatening so we try to maintain our old habits which can be the same political parties, the same favorite meals, the same TV programs, the same friends, the same spending habits, the same investment policies, etc. We all intuitively sense that reform or change is needed in education, in politics, in economics, and in our daily lives or routines but we just can’t seem to free ourselves of our conservative buts and make the necessary changes for the better.

Bad news tendency (tendbnews): n. a tendency to sense that bad news is more important than good news and usually because we fear that it could potentially worsen our own lives

We intuitively feel that bad news is more important than good news because fear of bad consequences which can potentially disrupt our life and make it worse is frequently more powerful an influence on our lives than good news which should be a pleasurable feeling but it doesn’t last as long in our minds.

The fear of getting shot by a criminal or becoming prey to a predator seems more important to the brain than tasting a good healthy apple.

An inherent desire to conform (tendcon): n. a tendency to want to conform to small and larger cultural groups

Fear of rejection, fear of criticism, and fear of disagreement with the majority are all powerful emotional reasons which bias us towards conformity with frequently small groups of humans and relatively large groups such as organizations, nations, or the world.

Projection or personal injection tendency (tendpinjection): n. a tendency to inject our personal (thoughts and/or sensing) and/or emotions into other people and impulsively believe that they have similar (thought and/or sensing) and/or emotional abilities and/or characteristics

We are trapped inside our minds 24/7 and most of us wrongly assume that other humans think like us and agree with us on important things and sometimes on not so important things. We impulsively inject our personal feelings, emotions, and thoughts into other humans.

Current moment tendency (tendcurmom): n. a tendency to make more impulsive bad decisions immediately which give us great pleasure and/or avoid great pain and make different frequently more logical decisions when we plan to purchase or do things at some point in the future

Pleasure now and pain later is the philosophy most of us are encouraged to live by in the media, business, and society because pleasure is what most of us chose to pursue in the moment. When asked to choose between chocolate or a fruit to eat right now most of us chose chocolate. We have a deceptive world of human leaders encouraging us to live for today and not worry about tomorrow and the results are devastating personal lives and relationships and destroying biodiversity worldwide.

Bandwagon effect or tendency towards numerical quantity (tendqunum): n. an inclination to believe and behave as most do in a subset of humans and/or a tendency towards a large quantity of a subset(s)

Herd instinct is another way of saying that most humans have a tendency to be cliquish or like to form interacting groups of humans who have a lot of characteristics in common. They frequently eat similar food, dress similarly, talk similarly, have approximately the same amount of wealth, have the same skin color or have similar body appearance, and have other pastimes and behaviors in common.  They tend to ostracize humans who don’t behave and look the way that they do and are considered unfair, unjust, biased, and even prejudiced by others.

Conservatism tendency (tendcon): n. resistance to change when given new facts which imply and/or prove a need for change and/or an inclination to believe in an old system of doing subsets

Humans have a tendency to be conservative in their lives which just means that they have established strong habits, good and bad, and are resistant to change. The new generation constantly challenges their parents “conservative” views and frequently find out sooner or later that many of the conservative views are actually useful in life and are based on many human interaction truths. The problem is that society is very irrational and too tied to historical bad habits or conservative ways of doing things and biodiversity is being devastated by this greatly inefficient largely irrational trivial behaving civilization.

Knowledge overload tendency (tendkuan): n. predominantly illogical irrational quantity knowledge accumulation which decreases logical thinking ability or the more you learn the stupider you get

Why do seemingly intelligent humans or humans with very good memories do such stupid things and can’t make reasonable logical decisions? The reason is inefficient rather trivial accumulation of knowledge and experiences with an illogical language. In the computer world much illogical garbage data in and you get garbage data out. Computer software only works perfectly if the logic behind it is perfect. Computers do not tolerate irrational garbage data which human civilization is swimming in and drowning in.

Tendessen: n. judging and/or categorizing a subset(s) based upon relatively few dominant stereotypes and/or characteristics and ignoring variations

Humans have a tendency to make fast judgments about other humans based on a few initial observations.  Humans speedily identify some obvious appearances and behavior characteristics and judge the whole human based on them. If the human looks unkempt we label him a slob, if he does a selfish behavior we label him selfish, if he does something rude we label him as a rude human who is also probably inconsiderate or anti-social, if she laughs much we label her as not being a very serious human, and if she talks too much we label her a gabber or self-absorbed.

First impressions are the most lasting because humans start or tend to make opinions about your personality rather quickly and if you start out by demonstrating many of your bad behaviors you will be labeled or stereotyped and it may take you a very long time to change a human’s bad stereotype impression of you.

Experimenter’s tendency (tendexper): n. an inclination for experimenters to believe, validate, and publish data which agree with their personal predictions for the conclusions of a new experiment and to disbelieve, destroy, or minimize in importance the data which opposes those personal predictions.

This human tendency to want to have experimental results match your personal predictions causes much junk science. Drugs theoretically designed to cure an illness are clinically tested and there is great economic incentive to prove that a drug can actually cure an illness. The realistic result is that frequently clinical data which does not suggest a cure is ignored and the data which shows minimum statistical significance is communicated as a cure which it is not. Even the humans in the tests are sometimes logically selected to increase the probability of positive clinical results. Fraud in clinical statistical “scientific” drug trials is rampant and most of the new drugs don’t cure anything but just result in bad side effects which are then treated with more drugs. A drug which cures 100% of clinical test patients is a rarity and very frequently statistics lie!!!!!!


Historical tendency (tendhist): n. an inclination to sense and validate future events as being predictable based on historical events.

In science historical precedent and proof is vital to its progress. In all other liberal arts professions historical precedent is mostly garbage precedent because it is based on an illogical past which doesn’t define any of the words used inaccurately but the words are merely verbose excursions into vague analogies which contain little truth about what should be done in the present or future. Historical psychiatry, psychology, sociology, economics, education, and language is unprovable brainwashing propaganda which is reinforced and propagated into the next generation based on herd instinct and desire to maintain a status quo based on historical precedent.


Normalcy tendency (tendnor): n. a refusal to plan for and/or react to a disaster which has never existed before

There is a great tendency for humans who have not experienced personal disasters to ignore potential probable disasters and so don’t plan for them until it is too late. Who planned ahead for a tsunami hitting the nuclear reactor in Japan? No one. Only after the fact or after a disaster are humans willing to do something about a disaster so that it won’t exist again!!!!!!

I hope we finally start planning ahead and don’t destroy biodiversity on this planet or human civilization is doomed!!!!!!

CONCLUSION: Humans are mostly ruled by their emotions where fear and pleasure seeking plays major roles in decision making and the result is that most of us have mostly bad irrational habits which we are struggling with and very few good habits which are contributing to a better life for us and society and the world. An archaic language motivates these emotional biases and is very illogical and its use is the primary reason why there is so much irrational trivial and destructive human behavior in this world.

Want to become more logical in your choices in life? Then read many of my evergreen blogs and some or most of my evergreen books. Free yourself of many of your emotional biases and improve your life in the process!!!!!!

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The world is all about money, jobs, and moral relationships

As early as possible teach your offspring the value of money for work done and about selecting good moral friends to associate with.

Money tips:

When offspring are young and impressionable give them some money to put in a savings account or piggy bank and tell them this is going towards a college education, a future car, and for technological purchases such as a laptop, bicycle, cell phone, building blocks, and basic tools such as a screwdriver, hammer, shovel, utility army knife, saw, etc. to build basic items or to take apart broken appliances.

Teach them how to count the money with basic math and once they can count up to 100 they can use a calculator to speed things up.  They can use the calculator to add or subtract 5 dollar, 10 dollar, or 20 dollar bills and up to 99 cents. When a purchase is made out of their account have them count the money which will be spent on the product and remove it from the savings account. Have them add much money like 5 dollars at a time for purchases you intend to make for them in the near future such as a bicycle, soccer ball, frisbee, etc.

Later on you can give your offspring an allowance for helping with household chores and you can encourage good grades by giving more money for A’s than for B’s and C’s. Have your offspring become as independent as possible and that means preparing their own meals and those of the family also since many families have two working parent homes and it should become the responsibility of the offspring to help with the housework and cleaning up their own mess which they are likely to make.

If you have more than one offspring you can rotate the household chores on a weekly or monthly basis and thus make it possible for everyone to earn their allowance justly by doing real work themselves.

If you have more than one offspring teach them the concepts of sharing toys and helping one another by teaching the younger offspring skills which the older offspring have learned.

Comment on the less desirable offspring of other parents which your offspring come into contact with especially when other offspring misbehave in an inappropriate way or have bad social etiquette. When your offspring are older ask about their social contacts on the internet and determine whom they are contacting and spending most of their social time with. It is very important to make sure that your offspring are communicating with good role model offspring and not the socially flawed and irresponsible ones who frequently come from bad families with bad role model parents.

If you have teenagers then have them read my evergreen book HOW TO SAVE MONEY.

Morality tips:

Morality is important for excellent relationships even if you don’t get it from religion. Teach a secular morality of don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

If you teach your offspring to preferably associate with honest, sincere, and truthful offspring which don’t lie then you will almost guarantee that they will not only have good casual friends but perhaps more than one good close friendship in their lives. The probability that they will have a successful long duration marriage will also increase.

Teaching them to be efficient in their daily lives with short and to the point conversation and not spending too much time on trivial pursuits will not only help them in their own personal and working lives but should benefit biodiversity in the long duration because nature does not like humans or animals who waste time, energy, and money and punishes them if they waste too much of it. Tell them that human society is very inefficient and wastes much time, energy, and money and winds up polluting the world excessively and threatening biodiversity with the extinction of many species. Tell them that the conservation of wilderness should be humanities number one priority and that by being efficient in their lives they will be helping the conservation of wilderness or biodiversity by not polluting the world so much.


Saying no to trivial activities and purchase requests:

Saying no to offspring who are requesting to do trivial activities and purchase desired goods or goods that they just want and don’t need can be controlled by saying no. If offspring have too many team sports, music, theater, and other after school activities which they will probably never use in their adult life then simply don’t help them pursue them by not shuttling them back and forth to the activities.

Set priorities in your offspring’s lives and don’t do the lower order priorities which they will never use on the job, in adult life, or minimally use in their private lives.

Limit their intake of sugary overly processed foods by saying no or giving it to them very rarely and stress that they should be eating a varied diet of everything healthy in moderation and that this should start as early in life as possible while you have control over what they eat and when.


Everything takes time, energy, money, and caring:

Raising offspring requires sacrificing time, energy, money, and caring which children will not appreciate until they have offspring of their own. Giving allowances for household chores done and letting older children supervise younger ones responsibly lets children understand the role of money in the world and the responsibility of caring for someone other than yourself. If you have only one child then getting a pet which is the responsibility of the child to take care of and feed is one way of teaching caring responsibility.


Schedule both work and family life by the clock as much as possible:

Not only should you schedule your business life but learn to schedule family life by the clock which includes family meetings, walking the dog, doing personal laundry, getting plenty of rest, and doing household chores and assigning responsibility for doing them to someone or alternating the work responsibility on a weekly or monthly basis. If as offspring they learn to schedule their daily lives then they will not have to learn to do so by trial and error when they become adults when scheduling work and play becomes vital to successful living.


Prepare meals in batches and freeze them if you find you have little time for cooking at home:

Not all offspring will like to cook so have them prepare more than one meal at a time and freeze future meals in the fridge for all family members.


Set aside one on one time with offspring and some time with the whole family:

Set aside one on one time with your offspring in the family schedule even if it is only during meal time where you discuss important events in offspring and family life.

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Many and soon most students go or will go through 18 years of brainwashing mindless education and only qualify to work in the simplest of jobs such as a cashier or fast food worker which a robot or computer software can do better.

A liberal arts college education is no longer a guarantee of a good paying job which can support a family. We urgently need CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS to help the unemployed and destitute armies of humans which will be a fact of life in the 21st century technological era. EDUCATION REFORM which is another of my evergreen books is what we urgently need.



Young adults are motivated to go into debt with school loans and credit cards. With an encouraged social debt philosophy the result is that corporations, many businesses, nations and the entire world economy is on the brink of bankruptcy from too much debt. Capital reserves or a savings account, like a fat reserve in animals for emergency absence of food, which comes in handy for life’s emergencies in society is non existent for many. It is obvious that we have an impractical world financial system which needs radical change and counterfeiting money to pay off tremendous debt will just not work in the long duration.


Our court systems are overloaded with criminals and violators and court trials are frequently unjust because the plaintiffs can’t be trusted and the defendants can’t be trusted and the witnesses and “professional” testimony by experts can’t be trusted since so few of them have very good social reputations which is only possible by telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. There is no secular moral code being taught young impressionable minds in elementary school and the result is a relativistic situation ethics environment where lying is justified as long as you can get away with it and it benefits you personally. Our legal system is speedily becoming an untrustworthy sham which can only be cured by teaching the young a 6 point secular moral code in school. Read JUSTICE.


An unjust bias towards economic growth rather than efficiency, financial stability, and limitation in size for national economies is a cancerous growth, using up too much natural resources, polluting the environment too speedily, and destroying biodiversity. The cancerous economies are systematically intruding wilderness real estate and causing a suicidal destruction of a potential healthy gene pool which future civilization will need to correct the present unhealthy domesticated plants and animals which are being consumed for food. The faster the economies of the world grow the faster is biodiversity being destroyed and human civilization will perish sooner rather than later.


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Asking too many questions:

Asking too many questions during a conversation can create the feeling of an uncomfortable interrogation which feels threatening. You need to ask questions during a conversation to keep it going smoothly but too many repulses humans.

Too much and too fast conversation:

Slow down when talking or you will start including unimportant random thoughts which are not understandable and make it more difficult for humans to follow the thoughts which you are saying too fast. Don’t forget to put emotion into your important facts or opinions and pause a little after making an important point so that it attracts attention and makes humans more attentive to your talking.

Rudely interrupting a conversation:

Some humans are so anxious to get their information across that they will try to rudely inject a thought before you are finished talking. Don’t rudely interrupt unless the human is talking too much and getting off the subject. Interrupting is not rude if you are trying to get the human to return to the subject matter being originally discussed. In most cases patiently wait until the human is finished talking before you respond.

Insisting that you are always right:

Personal pride will frequently tempt you to attack or argue that your opinion is right and another human’s is wrong. Conversation should be more of a calm discussion and not constant intense disagreement. Right or wrong other humans are entitled to keep their opinions if you can’t convince them otherwise with a logical discussion. Humans are very emotionally attached to their wrong or right opinions and they will frequently fight or argue to defend them so try to be as diplomatic about it as possible and reduce emotional exchanges to a minimum. Arguing or fighting over rather trivial opinions may mean losing a friend for no good reason.

Boring and depressing humans:

If you have nothing important to do or say or just want to talk about your depressing problems then it is better to say nothing and not bore the other human and repulse them. Having a good optimistic, honest, and sincere attitude will attract good humans to you and pessimism will attract pessimistic humans who want to join you in mutual misery.

Not reciprocating good feelings and information:

If a human optimistically helps or shares important information with you then thank them or reciprocate by also giving them some important information or help optimistically. Better human bonding exists or better friendships grow when two or more humans reciprocate and share honest, sincere, and truthful good feelings and information.


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Healthy food should be priority number 1 in human lives. If you eat healthy food you will be healthy unless you are genetically predisposed to be unhealthy. Citizens have a right to know what artificial chemicals are added to their food and also have a right to know if the food is a GMO or genetically modified food so that they can make smart choices about the foods which they eat. Humans are getting less healthy by the day eating unhealthy foods which are the leading cause for overweight, diabetes, allergies, birth defects, and other modern health problems. There should be no food secrets and knowing the truth is vital if we are to ever TRUST the food supply which we are consuming on a daily basis.

Here is an excerpt example of one of 13 lies about GMO food which is the most important one.

Lie: GE foods pose no health safety risks.

Truth: GMOs have never been proven safe. The FDA requires no pre-market health safety studies, and the only long term peer-reviewed animal study conducted involving GMO corn sprayed with Monsanto’s Round Up herbicide, found massive tumors, organ failure and premature death in rats. In addition, a growing body of peer-reviewed animal studies have linked these foods to allergies, organ toxicity, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders, birth defects, high infant mortality rates, fertility problems, and sterility. Clearly, more independent, long term studies are warranted. Until GMOs are proven unequivocally safe, they should be labeled so consumers can avoid them if they choose.

Here is a link to Zack Kaldveer’s article in

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Love: v. to sense a very intense pleasure for a subset(s) one cares about and the behaviors which exist with it and frequently desiring to (possess and/or interact with) and/or experience samer subset(s) for a short and/or long duration


Lovin: n. sensing a very intense pleasure from a subset(s) one cares about and the behavior(s) which exist with it and frequently desiring to (possess and/or interact with) and/or experience samer subset(s) for a short and/or long duration


Samer: adj. a second reference to a subset in a communication


Subset: n. a thing

You can love an object and/or human and/or activity either one of which is a subset or a thing.

If you love an object subset then you care about it and feel intense pleasure frequently desiring to possess it or interact with it.

If you love a human subset then you care about it and initially feel intense pleasure when interacting with the human and may desire to experience sex with the human or possess the human by marrying it so that you can interact with the human for a long duration.

If you love an activity subset such as a sport it can give you intense pleasure and you care about it. You may want to interact with it or experience it by watching or participating in it.

Initial love for a subset frequently decreases with time and you may only sense an attraction for it and no longer get very intense pleasure from it but that is very natural and nothing to worry about because very intense emotion lasting for too long is a dangerous addiction and not healthy for your system in the long duration. Not intensely loving a subset means that you may experience affection or liking for the subset also as time progresses because no one can perpetually live in constant infatuation with something you love. There are times when you will love a subset, there are times when you will sense affection for a subset, and many more times you will just like a subset or what it does for you.

Most very intense pleasure lasts for a relatively short duration but the desire to possess and/or interact with and/or experience it may last for a long duration.

Love is very complex with many special examples in life which are all frequently a smaller part of the general definition. Love not only is a  VERY INTENSE PLEASURE or emotion but it is also sensing a DESIRE to possess and/or interact with and/or experience it for a relatively short duration and/or long duration.

I think that we can all agree that with a logical definition of love it is much better than inaccurately arguing over and over again that love is God, love is an emotion, love is divine, love is devotion, and love is like a volcano which are all bad inaccurate illogical ways of communicating about love and making it mean a thousand and one different things depending on the personal subjective biases of the writer.

Fond and tender feelings are examples of low intensity pleasure or a little pleasure which is not love.  Love must be very intense pleasure and does not happen in a relationship as frequently as fond or tender feelings.  Fond and tender feelings are really examples of affectionate and liking behavior which is not love nor loving behavior.  Fond and tender feelings are frequently examples of affectionate and liking behavior which is very important in long lasting relationships especially marriages but those medium and low intensity feelings are not loving emotions and definitely not loving behaviors.

There is a fundamental difference between the concepts “I love that woman” and “I like that woman” or “I love my motorcycle” and “I like my motorcycle”.

Liking someone shows that you care for that person and in a close relationship it increases the probability that you also love that person. Affectionate behavior is a subset of liking behavior and loving behavior is a subset of loveall behavior. Liking and loving behaviors are both independent subsets of attracting behaviors.

loveall: n. loving everything

We are saying that we love a subset(s) if we like it very intensely.  If we say that we love a subset(s) with low intensity it is more accurate to say that we like that subset(s) or are affectionate towards that subset(s).

Being loving and affectionate and liking someone in a relationship is being attracted to someone and is not loving them. This is to avoid a serious logical paradox that loving, affection, and liking mean the same thing. I love you really means that I like you, I am affectionate towards you and I love you intensely at times and a new word for this kind of a loving relationship is necessary.

To avoid logical confusion the concept of universal love should be replaced with the following two new words:

Lovrelate: v. to sense much lovin and affection and liking for a subset(s) but not simultaneously

Lovrelationship: n. sensing much lovin and affection and liking for a subset(s) but not simultaneously

My current evergreen truth book is called LOVEALL and it goes into greater detail about love by asking and answering 73 questions about love. For only $3.50 it is a bargain and you will become masterful at the subject of love and learn to successfully apply the useful information to your own love life.

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The approximately 66 cannabinoids in marijuana change brain chemistry or chemically change brain functioning. Occasional use such as once a week or once a month is not habit forming or addictive for most people but legalization means that about 10% or more will become chronic addictive users making them dysfunctional citizens in society. Marijuana potency varies widely and the more potent the variety of pot that you use and the more frequently that you use it the more it will become a problem in your daily personal and work life.

Pot can cause distorted sensory and time perceptions and even cause euphoria and hallucinations in large doses, impaired coordination, difficulty while thinking and problem solving, and disruptive short term learning and memory.


Its habitual use can lead to a greater likelihood of dropping out of school and workers on the job have increased absences, tardiness, accidents, worker’s compensation claims, and job turnover.


Pot contains more than 480 chemicals and has many of the same toxins as tobacco which means that if you are a chronic user you will probably die of lung cancer in old age or suffer from respiratory lung problems from mild to severe coughing, phlegm production, more frequent acute chest illnesses, and heightened risk of lung infections.


Do we really need more mellow humans with the munchies and memory problems who can’t function properly in normal society? A pot head is not a very smart head.


Both alcohol and THC is frequently detected in traffic accidents and the combination of two mind changing drugs at once may be the reason why the probability that you will get involved in an accident is twice as great as without its use.


Pregnant mothers using much marijuana can badly affect and change the brain development of a fetus. We already have too many born offspring with severe abnormalities caused by mother’s unhealthy eating habits, smoking, use of prescription drugs, alcohol, and now add one more dangerous drug added to the growing list!!!!!!


CONCLUSION: Assuming that every American tries pot at some point in their lives legalizing marijuana means that about 10% of the population (30 million Americans) will be chronically addicted dysfunctional members of society. Workers will be less focused and able to concentrate on their jobs and job performance will suffer and the accident rate will also increase in more dangerous jobs. Motor vehicle accident rates will increase slightly and many chronic users will suffer from respiratory problems and lung cancer in old age.


THC is an escape feel good drug which will be added to other prescription feel good drugs and feel good alcohol. The combination of all these escape feel good drugs taken at once has not been studied scientifically and the chances are great that such use can totally badly change your mind in the long duration and make you a dysfunctional member of society.


What is the next escape feel good drug which we will legalize in society to make more and more individuals dysfunctional in it? The list is endless and the drug situation will just get worse and worse to no one’s benefit. Yes, the drug sellers will make a huge profit and it will employ many additional social workers to treat patients in rehab. But the net effect on society is disastrous and costly in terms of human suffering and time, energy, and money wasted.


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Introducing wolves back into the ecosystem of Yellowstone not only stabilized the deer population but has had benefits to the entire biodiverse population of animals and plants and they are all thriving better.

Cutting down the population of whales did not increase the food supply of plankton and krill but reduced it so once again human tampering with the natural ecosystem did damage to it.

The lesson here should be obvious. Nature knows best and human alteration of it spells extinction for many species and throwing the ecosystem into an undesirable imbalance.

Human action should be focused on expanding the real estate of other natural national parks and reintroducing natural predators. Hunting should cease or be outlawed by humans where natural predators at the top of the food chain are reintroduced!!!!!!

Here is a link to a Ted speech on rewilding the world:

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Society is infested with bogus or untrue health claims and some even claim to have doctor testimonials or “proven” scientific backing.

If you read about one diet, one food, a nutrition supplement, a pill, or a drug which will help you to lose weight permanently, improve your mind, make you live longer, make you more attractive or beautiful, make you ripped, make your skin healthier, cure geriatric illnesses, and protect you against heart disease or cancer then don’t believe a word of it. It is a bogus untrue claim even if a doctor or scientist claims it is true.

There is no one magic thing that will make you healthier. Only eating a large variety of certified organic food as much as possible in moderation and getting in a little moderate exercise about three times a week will optimize your health unless you have a genetic predisposition to illness. Depart too much from eating moderately and healthily without any exercise and your health will suffer sooner if not later in your life. Stay away from modern sugary overly processed foods as much as possible and try to eat food as close to its natural state as possible.

All doctors, scientists, and nutritionists know much less about food and health than mother nature!!!!!! The latest food fad or miracle cure for weight loss or guaranteed healthy living is a myth and nothing more designed to part you with your hard earned money and common sense which you should conscientiously guard.

This is not a complete list by any means but here are 7 reasons a scientific claim or any claim for that matter is probably bogus or untrue. The link to the article follows.

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A goal of helping very good (humans and/or goods) and/or services is quality and it will frequently increase efficiency and achievement in the long duration.


Reflection or thinking after every failure and/or success in achieving a goal(s) is important if one is to change or improve on the past mistakes which are responsible for not achieving a goal(s) and/or a plan for future successes.


Reliable behavior or proven systematic actions by people or machines guarantees that a goal(s) will be achieved with a great probability over a relatively long duration.


Respect as a goal can tentatively start by holding an important social position but enduring respect can only come about by having earned a good social position through a series of successful meritorious trustworthy deeds.


When government ceases to protect its citizens from too much immorality or criminal behavior or widespread famine then revolution is highly probable in that society.  Revolution is frequently the means to a goal which tries to change unacceptable governmental injustices frequently through force or great relatively peaceful but angry protests.


Risk is the probability that you will not reach a goal(s).  The greater the risk the less is the probability that you will achieve that goal(s).  As a general principle it may seem that the greater the risk then the greater is the reward but realistically one should realize that many great risky goals are not worth it because the probability of achieving those goals is frequently too low.

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Adultery happens in marriage and a divorce is sometimes a potential way of getting compensated somewhat for the failed commitment. There are women who live together with a man without marriage for over a year and are still not married because he does not want to commit. If that is the case and both of you are financially capable of supporting a family life with offspring then he probably has the intention of leaving you for a better woman at a later date and is just using you for sex. If he has not cheated on you yet then he probably will in the future and you can’t claim adultery and he gets his freedom back with no legal consequences.

If you are living together for more than a year and have not bonded enough to commit to one another then ending the relationship is the best thing to do. If you are living together and financially not able to support any children and you are both working hard at improving yourselves for better paying future jobs then you can delay getting married until finances are large enough for security in a marriage. If he lands a good paying job and still does not want to commit to marriage then he is playing you for a fool and will cheat on you eventually.

Not having enough money to support a family is an excellent reason for not committing to marriage. You can continue living together but once he has enough to support at least one offspring and you independently on his own then marital commitment is essential and any further delay in the process is a behavior which means that he will probably leave you at some point in the future for another woman. Not enough money and financial mismanagement is the number one leading cause of divorce so if you are not financially secure and can’t control your bad spending habits then don’t marry or try to force a marriage because there is a high probability that it will fail sooner or later.


For married couples or those living together here are 7 behavior changes which may mean adulterous or unfaithful sexual behavior:


Sudden excess attentiveness and phone calls at unusual times:

Buying you gifts which he would not ordinarily buy and phone calls at unusual times during the day or night may imply that he is seeing another woman. Ask him what the unusual call was and if he seems secretive about it or gives you a suspicious answer then record the time and date of the call until you have about 5 of them written down. Next ask him for the phone and check out the calls that were made. If all five of them are to the same number then call that number and find out who it is. If the number has been erased from the list of calls in each of the five cases then he is probably hiding something. If he doesn’t give you the phone and says, don’t you trust me, then answer by asking why don’t you want to share it with me or communicate that you are doing it for your peace of mind or if you can get temporary possession of the phone secretly while he is asleep then check out the calls without him knowing about it. Whatever the situation, don’t accuse him of lying or hiding something until you have all the evidence with which you can confront him if necessary.


A changed man:

Sudden behavioral changes such as listening to new music, changing to a different scent, trying to be very sociable if he has been mostly introverted, wanting a new car when one is not needed, and a new way of dressing could be a symptom of Mid-life crisis but it may also mean that he is interested in another woman. It could be an effort to please another woman and not you.


His phone is suddenly turned off or he doesn’t give you access to it when requested:

Humans with nothing to hide don’t get upset or anxious when asked to share something like a phone with a wife. It could be a call from a bookie if he is  gambling and in great debt or a call from the credit card company if he is not paying great debt on his personal account but another possibility is that there is another woman that he is communicating with.


Suddenly having more frequent and aggressive arguments:

It may be because he is suddenly dissatisfied with the relationship if you have broken one or more mutual agreements or promises but it could also be because he has found another woman that has an interest in him and seems like a better spouse for him.


A sudden great decrease in a normal sex frequency:

It is almost guaranteed that he is getting his sex elsewhere.


Obsession with a new female:

He may not always use her name but if his conversation implies that he is talking about her very frequently then there may be more than just a casual relationship with her.


Beware of intuitive sensing:

You may not have obvious evidence of a major change in behavior such as those communicated above but just intuitively feel that he is seeing another woman. If you are starting to get paranoid about it may be slightly justified and due to some of your woman friends having adulterous husbands or your husband having adulterous male friends. Similar personalities frequently have similar problems in relationships so if your women friends are suffering from adultery you may have the same personality characteristics which cause a male to want to become adulterous. Similarly identical adulterous behavior can be potentially suspected from your husband if he has close friends who are adulterous males.

Start personally gathering any real evidence by trying to trace his movements or monitoring all his calls or hire a private detective to do it for you, especially if your husband is one who has an irregular schedule of being home at varied unpredictable times.

If you have caught your husband’s adultery once or he has confessed to it voluntarily once then you have evidence that he has done it once and the next time your intuition may be a reliable source based on past experience. Without past experience or evidence of adultery you must gather real evidence first for your intuitive suspicions and fear of insecurity before confronting him with any accusations of adultery which may actually be wrong and he may intensely disapprove of your mistrust and be very angry.

Another way of reassuring yourself that he is not being adulterous is to start calling him when you suspect that he may be away from job or home and with another woman and sense if he answers without showing anxiety or great dissatisfaction in his voice.

If your husband has an excellent record of not lying to you about other things in the relationship then chances are he won’t lie to you about his location during the day or night if asked and will not be angry at your questioning. If your relationship is good and is based on trust with no lies about anything to you then trust him. If he announces one day that he wants a divorce then that is the time that you can ask questions about the other woman which he has been seeing with extreme stealth.

If you have married a human who habitually lies to you or makes many promises and doesn’t fulfill them and you forgive him unconditionally then unfortunately you are the one responsible for your doubt and misery and fear.


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11 Biggest Fitness Myths


Here is a link to with an article on 13 fitness myths.

Two of the 13 fitness myths are actually true for many humans based upon my personal knowledge and experience.

TRUTH: You don’t need to exercise every day and can in fact skip exercise for a week or months and not cause any bad effects on your body. You may not feel as wide awake and energized and relieved of stress if you don’t exercise daily but most of us, excluding old people with muscle stiffness problems, don’t exercise daily and survive just fine.

TRUTH: Working out can make some humans hungry. Some people may not get hungry after a workout, especially if they exercise on a daily basis and have established a standard routine of eating and exercising. I on the other hand from personal experience do frequently feel hungry after heavy exercise because I live a rather sedentary life and don’t exercise or eat on a regular basis. After I suddenly exercise vigorously my body demands food and I feel hungry.

MYTH: You can target your fat burn

MYTH: You shouldn’t work out on an empty stomach

MYTH: No pain, no gain

MYTH: You should stretch before you work out

MYTH: Lifting heavy weights bulks you up

MYTH: Exercise machines beat free weights

MYTH: Running on a treadmill is as effective as running outside

MYTH: You can’t work out when your sick

MYTH: Sweating means your out of shape

MYTH: Crunches are the best moves for your core

MYTH: Running beats walking

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Here are examples of praise and reassurances with promises which may be needed occasionally but don’t overdo it. Much of it is what women would like to hear but frequently don’t hear from their husbands.


I admire you.

I celebrate your love, and I celebrate our marriage.

Thank you for being faithful when times are tough.

Thank you for your integrity. It enriches our marriage.

Thank you for your forgiveness. I will forgive you, too.

I am grateful for the things you do and the things we share.

I treasure the time we spend together.

You are my best friend.

The example we set is important. Thank you for being a good example.


Reassurance in the form of promises:

I love you now and forever.

I am committed to our marriage.

I will be strong for you.

Thank you for your patience. I will be patient with you too.

I will always help you.

I understand the importance of cooperation.

I will make our home a happy place.

I treasure our family.

I will always honor our marriage and be faithful to you.

I will never stop loving you.

I understand the importance of clear, loving, open lines of communication.

Time here on earth is short and precious. I want to spend as much of it with you as I can.

I will focus on the positive.

Our love will last forever.

CONCLUSION: Praising your husband or wife once in a while for important good behavior and communicating disapproval for important bad behavior is essential for any good ongoing relationship. If he or she helps you in some way or gives you emotional help or physical support when you need it then thanks for your support or understanding is frequently enough praise.

When confronted with problems in married life realize that there are not always instant solutions and that it frequently takes much time and mutual effort to resolve many important problems. Having an ongoing good attitude like an optimistic outlook on life is a great help because it shows that you almost always have hope that to most problems there is a solution sooner or later if you both put in the necessary time and effort.

Reassurances are frequently only necessary for difficult problems which need much time and devoted effort to solve. Let’s keep working at it or we are making some progress towards a solution or let’s not give up yet is frequently the kind of reassurance necessary.

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Exclude all synonyms which have the same meaning and use just one word with a unique definition.

Exclude antonyms because there are no opposite words in meaning

Exclude multiple meanings for words and have a word have only one definition

Exclude words which sound the same but are spelled differently. Dear and deer sound the same so dear should be eliminated or replaced with another unique sounding word

Exclude prepositions and complex grammatical rules and just use nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in the language.

If possible take a word now in usage and replace it with a shorter version which may be a slang word now but need not be in the future

Define each word logically using the concept of set and subset to formulate that definition and replace thing with subset

We don’t need similes, metaphors, and meaningless long phrases to express logical reality. Because of their usage we are now swimming in a world of  illogical uncontrolled emotion. We are ruled with concepts of love or hate for opinions and/or facts and most of us don’t make logical decisions in our lives. It is always black or white, either for or against something all the time and most of us forget that the world also has many “shades of grey”.

Exclude many words used to describe different intensities or degrees or how good or how bad something is and replace them with 1 through 10. 1 to 10 good and 1 to 10 bad. An example would be you got 10good on your test which means excellent, perfect score, all right, etc.

Exclude as many emotional words as possible in language which impede logical communication.

Use the same language worldwide is what I highly recommend as a necessary step to eventually unify the world under one language and one constitution or political system.

Good news, I have already done most of the hard basic work needed and formed a logically defined nucleus of about 7000 words which can be added to logically. The evergreen book is SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS. Using my words and definitions by the end of elementary school almost all students will have learned a logical language which they can use in their real lives to make logical decisions instead of heavily emotionally biased opinions and actions.

An efficient language means less time to learn it and greater efficiency in using it. We will all be saving much time, energy, and money!!!!!!

I am doing my best to use this logical language in my blogs where I admit I use some words which I shouldn’t because they have multiple meanings in society at large. If I used the right word I would have to give you the new spelling and new logical meaning and your easy understanding of what I am writing about would be less.

Language even now has the ability to be used in a logical way as demonstrated in my blogs so all that most of you will have to do is learn the logical definitions and use my style of writing about everything which is on your mind.

With a smart efficient logical language there will no longer be smart and stupid humans. Everyone will be smart and many will still do stupid actions but there will be almost infinitely less who will behave stupidly. Yes some will have better memories than others but being smart does not require a good memory. There are many “intelligent” humans or humans with excellent memories who are doing very stupid things in this world and they are not smart at all but could be called very stupid. We have stupid leaders governing this world and it is time that we should put a stop to it with an efficient logical language which all of them should learn before they have a right to tell us all what to do with and in our lives!!!!!! And that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!!!!!


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Butterfly Nebula

MYTH: There is only one creator named God.

TRUTH: Then who created God? Another God?

MYTH: A successful relatively peaceful lasting civilization can exist without trust between the governed and their leaders.

TRUTH: Without trust between the leaders and the governed society will become chaotic and anarchic and to restore order tyranny or rule by the threat of force and the use of force to create fear of punishment or death is the only way to restore some degree of order in the society. Leaders must not lie to the governed and humans must not lie to each other, especially their family.

MYTH: Justice is possible without trustworthy humans with good reputations based on honesty, sincerity, telling the truth, and a good social reputation.

TRUTH: If the judge is untrustworthy or if the jury has untrustworthy citizens and the plaintiffs don’t have a good trustworthy social reputation then injustice is guaranteed. With lying leaders and lying followers true justice is not possible.

MYTH: Artistic expression is vital and necessary for the peaceful harmonious existence of humans and wildlife on the face of this earth.

TRUTH: Almost all artistic expression is mutant imitations of natural beauty which pollute the environment by using up precious natural resources and doom humans to participate in trivial behavior and entertainment not vital to healthy survival on the face of this endangered earth. Artistic expression is mutant propaganda and behavior which is destroying biodiversity at an alarming rate.

MYTH: Human civilization will survive with the continued use of an archaic, overly emotional language with words which have illogical, vague, and inaccurate definitions which are used in an emotionally biased way.

TRUTH: Humans are enslaved in their mutant destructive behaviors by an illogical overly emotional language which glorifies emotional thinking and not logical reasoned thinking which is the only way to save humanity from self-destructing. Humans are emotionally enslaved to a destructive inefficient past and present mythology and have no way out because humans are ruled by the manipulation of their emotions and not based on a necessary unemotional thinking logical reality. Emotions and indoctrination into past and present mythology which lasts a lifetime makes it almost impossible to change the course of human history for the better at the speed which is necessary for natural biodiversity to survive. Without natural biodiversity and its time tested healthy gene pool, human civilization is doomed to extinction sooner than expected.

Language must be efficient and not overly complex with many grammatical rules and too many words to learn which make learning the language time consuming and inefficient and makes its use even more time consuming and inefficient for the duration of the life of the user. An inefficient language dooms the civilization which uses it to an eternity of very undesirable inefficient communications which waste much too much time, energy, and money. Animals in nature communicate efficiently and so must humanity communicate efficiently among themselves!!!!!!

MYTH: Humanity will survive with an inefficient worldwide civilization.

TRUTH: Nature abhors inefficiency and destroys inefficient species. Wildlife communication is efficient and the distribution of natural resources and energy is efficient, and nature efficiently selects the survival of the healthiest and smartest members of each species. Nature does not tolerate handicapped, and diseased and stupid behavior but destroys it. Humanity does not select the most trustworthy, healthiest, and smartest individuals and rewards them with money and successful reproduction so that future generations will benefit. Be fruitful and multiply should apply to the most trustworthy, healthiest, and smartest specimens which humanity has. Without an efficient morality and its application in real life, civilization is doomed. Don’t waste time, energy, and money!!!!!! 666

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If you are unemployed without job skills and no money

If you are the above then most women will not consider you a good potential spouse and will not want to date you or go on a second date, especially if you have lied about having a job. If they are interested in spending their money and only having a good time or if they want you to father offspring so that they can lead the easy life as a welfare mother then you may have some luck having a good time.


You look like and smell like a bum

Most women do not want to be embarrassed in public by your appearance and bad hygiene. Yes there are some unattractive or severely handicapped desperate women who may put up with you if you have a good paying job and look and smell like a bum but a good or bad first impression is made by the way that you look and smell so don’t look and smell and create the impression that you have been eating and living out of commercial trash cans for months.


You are too weird

Staring with eyes bulging, following the woman around, exposing your genitals, talking much about sex, and doing other weird things like not listening, making weird jokes, or talking inappropriately will scare most women off. If you are a glaring social deviate then normative women will fear you.


Excessive praise and making future plans prematurely

Repeatedly praising how smart, intelligent, and beautiful a woman is and starting to make detailed plans about the future family, especially on the first date are signs of an inept bullshit artist or liar who is determined to say all the things to the woman that he thinks she wants to hear from a man.

You are a boring or a bad conversationalist

If you have only one topic that you want to talk about such as politics or religion or sports or sex, have only a handful of boring things to talk about, talk very little without asking questions, or talk too much about yourself and show no interest in the woman then you will scare most women off.


If you have bad or rude etiquette

If you arrive late for a date, make fun of a woman’s looks or opinions, severely criticize a woman, rudely use a mobile phone to text or talk to someone else which is not an emergency, forget to say please and thank you where appropriate, and rudely interrupt the conversation or speaking of a woman then you will scare most women off. No one likes to be degraded or criticized in a rude way in person or in public.


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Crab Nebula

Different religions and different political systems are the main reason why there is not peace in this world and so much conflict and disagreement. The world is crying out for a new human secular moral code to unify the world in its common humanity.

In a nutshell that new secular moral code should be- in non emergency situations-

don’t destroy biodiversity,

don’t lie,

don’t be inefficient,

don’t steal,

don’t commit adultery if married,

and don’t murder.

What follows is a brief explanation of this moral code and what it means in general terms.


Wilderness plants and animals are time tested healthy gene pools which we will need to rely on when domesticated plants and animals will be so altered by human intervention and manipulation that they will become unhealthy plants and animals to eat. Breeding special human selected breeds of dogs and cats and livestock has resulted in breeds with severe health problems because the selection process is limited to a handful of traits such as beauty, size, and fat content of the meat. The largest or most beautiful physical specimens have undesirable health problems and many prize livestock specimens can’t even reproduce naturally anymore and need human assistance in the form of artificial insemination. Nature selects for millions of traits and assures that only the healthiest specimens will survive to reproduce. EAT UNHEALTHY FOOD AND YOU TOO WILL BE UNHEALTHY!!!!!!

Biodiversity must survive and I even recommend that its real estate should be expanded to assure a healthy gene pool of plants and animals to choose from which nature has so wisely selected for survival under the natural environmental conditions of the earth. The environment also includes all the natural bacteria and viruses and insects which exist and perform vital functions which are still a big mystery to most humans.

What humans must do to make biodiversity realistically possible is to control human population growth and concentrate most humans in big cities along the coast. Start giving back some of the real estate to wilderness plants and animals before it is too late to reverse the avalanche of healthy species extinctions.


Honesty, sincerity, and telling the truth is not valued by secular societies and the result is political lies, social lies, economic lies,  education lies, religious lies, and the scientific lies of modern theoretical physics which make everyone believe that society is unjust or unfair. Society is currently based on historical myths and deceptions which are destroying trust in society and personal relationships. Trust is the bond which makes peaceful civilized human interaction possible and without it humans must be ruled by threats of violence and violence or tyranny. Trust is only possible if politicians don’t lie and humans don’t lie to one another, especially in intimate relationships with one another. When humans no longer trust their leaders and don’t trust their family members then the result is chaos or anarchy quickly followed by tyranny.

For detailed examples of the myths or lies rampant in world society read my evergreen book EVERGREEN TRUTH.


We have inefficient conversation thanks to an archaic language which puts so much emphasis on emotion and emotional words and not logical speech and thinking. Taking most of the emotion out of language, defining the words logically, and simplifying the inefficient grammatical structure of language will make conversation or communication very efficient. My book LOGICAL ENGLISH DICTIONARY is the nucleus of the new language which we must change to if we want to make language as efficient as it should be and tame the emotional human beast inside of all of us.

We have inefficient homes, inefficient cars, inefficient businesses, inefficient education, inefficient medicine, inefficient government, inefficient religion, and inefficient daily habits which are mostly trivial pursuit behaviors which don’t benefit our lives nor the lives of others but basically waste much time, energy, and money. All the liberal arts are inefficient excursions into inefficient verbosity and trivial activity which has minimal real survival benefit for humanity. Human society is littered with inefficient human artistic MUTANT crap!!!!!!

INEFFICIENCY means that you are wasting your time, energy, and money or you are wasting the time, energy, and money of someone else!!!!!! The new golden rule should be don’t waste your time, energy, and money and don’t waste the time, energy, and money of others!!!!!!


Surveillance cameras may soon be everywhere and the government monitoring personal communications will be accepted by all. This is done to create a fear in thieves so that they will not try to steal. The temptation to get something for nothing or minimal time and energy expenditure is great in humans. Make big money quickly with gambling, make big money quickly in the stock market, or steal something expensive and make a big profit with minimal expenditure of time, energy, and money. The temptation to steal in an immoral secular society is great and the only antidote to it is young offspring being indoctrinated that it is immoral to steal or cheat someone with deception which is just another form of stealing without force or violence.


Commit adultery and you create a fear of abandonment, anger, frustration, jealousy, and even hatred in your spouse. Who needs that emotional garbage and it is the second leading cause for divorce with good reason. Too promiscuous a society means that the fundamentally necessary family unit is endangered and financially responsible, independently functioning moral offspring will not be raised who can live under family circumstances.


Except in self-defense killing a human being intentionally should be a crime in all societies.

CONCLUSION: If you want the future world to live in peace and harmony with one another and with wilderness plants and animals then the whole world community should believe in the same basic new moral code. IN NON EMERGENCY SITUATIONS-DON’T DESTROY BIODIVERSITY, DON’T LIE, DON’T BE INEFFICIENT, DON’T STEAL, DON’T COMMIT ADULTERY IF MARRIED, AND DON’T MURDER!!!!!!


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TRUTH: Shrinking the government is good in the long duration:

It may seem that shrinking the government will cause many to lose their jobs such as teachers, bureaucrats, and infrastructure workers. In the short run this is true but in the long duration it is good for the economy because government will be forced to become more efficient and not waste as much tax payer’s money.

Teachers teaching job useless subjects to most students such as music, theater, sports, foreign languages, history, composition, etc. which they will not use in real life will be eliminated and computer assisted individualized instruction will eventually replace most inefficient bureaucratic teaching methods which try to teach 20 or more students subject matter at the same pace inefficiently instead of at each student’s individual pace. Less money means fewer unnecessary teachers and subjects and more efficient cost effective computerization.

The only place where classroom teaching to many students is vital is in elementary school where impressionable young minds should be taught proper behavioral etiquette and a strong secular moral code. Don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. By the age of 13 all secular students should have learned how to behave socially and have a strong moral code to impulsively lead their lives with so they can go on and work part time for about 4 hours a day at safe jobs in the community to learn work skills and not just goof off in school and not learning any useful job skills in middle and high school. Children desperately need to learn a work ethic and find out how hard and boring a life is without proper useful education in the adult world to motivate them to learn useful technological skills in school.

My evergreen book EDUCATION REFORM shows in detail the necessary educational changes needed to prepare offspring to work successfully in the technological 21st century upon graduation.

Less money for the bureaucracy means more economical computerization and it will hopefully force government to streamline special interest laws and tax rules which add costly expense to the operation of any business.

Less money means more efficient infrastructure work on bridges and roads and beautification where there is a notorious waste of money hiring year round workers for projects which require short duration fast and efficient working schedules and procedures. I have personally seen many work crews of 5 or 6 humans where only one or two were actually working or doing something constructive. Infrastructure work is a gravy train for local union workers and overpaid workers and their local monopoly companies inefficiently raking in taxpayer’s money. The solution is efficient mobile national work crews which travel nationwide and do local infrastructure work for the government only when needed.

Fewer government workers means that they will have to retrain for work in the private sector or have the option of existing on welfare for the rest of their lives and costing taxpayer’s less money in the long duration.

TRUTH: Corporations need lower taxes to stimulate the economy in the long duration:

It may seem that corporations are hoarding money, buying other companies, and not reinvesting in jobs in the private sector despite the fact that with tax loopholes they are paying as much tax as in other advanced countries of the world. The fact is that it is a global economy and corporations will invest money overseas where there is more profit in manufacturing. If corporate taxes were reduced in the United States then not only would national companies want to invest their money here but foreign international corporations would want to invest in the United States and make greater profits on manufacturing for themselves. The net effect would be more jobs for Americans and not less.

However, with robotization, the internet, monopolies, and standardization of parts there will still be many Americans destitute and on welfare into the foreseeable future and changes in welfare laws and changes in voting rights for the destitute welfare unemployed will have to be made to accommodate the armies of unemployed which the government will have to support.

TRUTH: The rich should pay the same percentage of their income in taxes as everyone else in the economy:

Progressive taxation is unjust and forces the rich to seek offshore tax shelters and special interest legislation which gives them more money to keep so the net effect is that the rich actually can pay less taxes than the middle class wage earner. It is way overdue that everyone including the poor workers should be paying the same fixed percentage of their gross income which is about 5%.  To support the growing numbers of humans on welfare a national sales tax of about 10% should be imposed to disincentivize consumption and pay for the growing numbers destitute and on welfare. The national sales tax can be adjusted higher on a periodic basis to take care of the growing numbers on welfare in the near future. Some of the national sales tax can go to reeducating young unemployed and destitute adults and the destitute and unemployed on welfare for useful private sector real jobs in the rapidly changing economy. A dysfunctional status quo economy is no longer acceptable!!!!!!

CONCLUSION: In the long duration we need a smaller more efficient government, less corporate taxation to bring more jobs to the United States, and a just fixed percentage of taxation of about 5% for every working citizen rich or poor so that everyone working will be concerned about high taxation. A fixed percentage of income taxation is just because the rich will still be paying more money in taxes than the lowest paid worker.

Make the government and corporations more efficient and the working taxpayers will benefit by an improved efficient economy with much less of their tax money being wasted by big government and corporate inefficiency.

A more efficient nation and world means less money and energy wasted, less pollution, and a greater probability that biodiversity can survive worldwide and maybe even prosper.


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The major reason humans in bad marriages don’t divorce is that their financial stability will be ruined. There are 9 more reasons.

The offspring would suffer.

I would feel guilty leaving my offspring.

I don’t want to leave my house.

I’m too old to walk away now.

I’m scared to be on my own.

I’m worried about being lonely.

I’m hoping things will improve.

If you are hoping things will improve then make it a potential future reality by taking ACTION and really trying TO DO SOMETHING NEW to improve the situation. Improve your relationship skills and job skills by using the internet to gain new useful knowledge about how to solve your family problems. My two evergreen books LOVEALL and HOW TO IMPROVE YOURSELF: HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT; HOW TO SAVE TIME AND MONEY may also help the situation and realistically improve your family life. If you are having parenting problems then you and your spouse should read my evergreen book MODERN PARENTING.

I might regret it.

I’m not sure I have the courage to divorce.

If you are constantly arguing about finances or bad spending habits, nagging, complaining, and blaming each other for family difficulties and almost hate each other then staying married for the sake of the offspring is not a good idea. An ongoing addiction to shopping, alcohol, drugs, gambling, or pornography is also a good enough reason to divorce. The offspring will have a very bad opinion of married life with such bad role models as parents and will probably grow up and have the same family or relationship problems in their marriages.

On the other hand if you are not constantly arguing and are just unhappy with poor finances, your boring sex life, or bored in the relationship but both of you love and nurture your offspring then you should stay married for the sake of the offspring because they will feel loved by both parents and an occasional intense argument is not a big enough reason for divorcing.

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