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Crab Nebula

Different religions and different political systems are the main reason why there is not peace in this world and so much conflict and disagreement. The world is crying out for a new human secular moral code to unify the world in its common humanity.

In a nutshell that new secular moral code should be- in non emergency situations-

don’t destroy biodiversity,

don’t lie,

don’t be inefficient,

don’t steal,

don’t commit adultery if married,

and don’t murder.

What follows is a brief explanation of this moral code and what it means in general terms.


Wilderness plants and animals are time tested healthy gene pools which we will need to rely on when domesticated plants and animals will be so altered by human intervention and manipulation that they will become unhealthy plants and animals to eat. Breeding special human selected breeds of dogs and cats and livestock has resulted in breeds with severe health problems because the selection process is limited to a handful of traits such as beauty, size, and fat content of the meat. The largest or most beautiful physical specimens have undesirable health problems and many prize livestock specimens can’t even reproduce naturally anymore and need human assistance in the form of artificial insemination. Nature selects for millions of traits and assures that only the healthiest specimens will survive to reproduce. EAT UNHEALTHY FOOD AND YOU TOO WILL BE UNHEALTHY!!!!!!

Biodiversity must survive and I even recommend that its real estate should be expanded to assure a healthy gene pool of plants and animals to choose from which nature has so wisely selected for survival under the natural environmental conditions of the earth. The environment also includes all the natural bacteria and viruses and insects which exist and perform vital functions which are still a big mystery to most humans.

What humans must do to make biodiversity realistically possible is to control human population growth and concentrate most humans in big cities along the coast. Start giving back some of the real estate to wilderness plants and animals before it is too late to reverse the avalanche of healthy species extinctions.


Honesty, sincerity, and telling the truth is not valued by secular societies and the result is political lies, social lies, economic lies,  education lies, religious lies, and the scientific lies of modern theoretical physics which make everyone believe that society is unjust or unfair. Society is currently based on historical myths and deceptions which are destroying trust in society and personal relationships. Trust is the bond which makes peaceful civilized human interaction possible and without it humans must be ruled by threats of violence and violence or tyranny. Trust is only possible if politicians don’t lie and humans don’t lie to one another, especially in intimate relationships with one another. When humans no longer trust their leaders and don’t trust their family members then the result is chaos or anarchy quickly followed by tyranny.

For detailed examples of the myths or lies rampant in world society read my evergreen book EVERGREEN TRUTH.


We have inefficient conversation thanks to an archaic language which puts so much emphasis on emotion and emotional words and not logical speech and thinking. Taking most of the emotion out of language, defining the words logically, and simplifying the inefficient grammatical structure of language will make conversation or communication very efficient. My book LOGICAL ENGLISH DICTIONARY is the nucleus of the new language which we must change to if we want to make language as efficient as it should be and tame the emotional human beast inside of all of us.

We have inefficient homes, inefficient cars, inefficient businesses, inefficient education, inefficient medicine, inefficient government, inefficient religion, and inefficient daily habits which are mostly trivial pursuit behaviors which don’t benefit our lives nor the lives of others but basically waste much time, energy, and money. All the liberal arts are inefficient excursions into inefficient verbosity and trivial activity which has minimal real survival benefit for humanity. Human society is littered with inefficient human artistic MUTANT crap!!!!!!

INEFFICIENCY means that you are wasting your time, energy, and money or you are wasting the time, energy, and money of someone else!!!!!! The new golden rule should be don’t waste your time, energy, and money and don’t waste the time, energy, and money of others!!!!!!


Surveillance cameras may soon be everywhere and the government monitoring personal communications will be accepted by all. This is done to create a fear in thieves so that they will not try to steal. The temptation to get something for nothing or minimal time and energy expenditure is great in humans. Make big money quickly with gambling, make big money quickly in the stock market, or steal something expensive and make a big profit with minimal expenditure of time, energy, and money. The temptation to steal in an immoral secular society is great and the only antidote to it is young offspring being indoctrinated that it is immoral to steal or cheat someone with deception which is just another form of stealing without force or violence.


Commit adultery and you create a fear of abandonment, anger, frustration, jealousy, and even hatred in your spouse. Who needs that emotional garbage and it is the second leading cause for divorce with good reason. Too promiscuous a society means that the fundamentally necessary family unit is endangered and financially responsible, independently functioning moral offspring will not be raised who can live under family circumstances.


Except in self-defense killing a human being intentionally should be a crime in all societies.

CONCLUSION: If you want the future world to live in peace and harmony with one another and with wilderness plants and animals then the whole world community should believe in the same basic new moral code. IN NON EMERGENCY SITUATIONS-DON’T DESTROY BIODIVERSITY, DON’T LIE, DON’T BE INEFFICIENT, DON’T STEAL, DON’T COMMIT ADULTERY IF MARRIED, AND DON’T MURDER!!!!!!


If you like this evergreen blog read more of them and read one or more of my evergreen books, especially EVERGREEN TRUTH.




TRUTH: Shrinking the government is good in the long duration:

It may seem that shrinking the government will cause many to lose their jobs such as teachers, bureaucrats, and infrastructure workers. In the short run this is true but in the long duration it is good for the economy because government will be forced to become more efficient and not waste as much tax payer’s money.

Teachers teaching job useless subjects to most students such as music, theater, sports, foreign languages, history, composition, etc. which they will not use in real life will be eliminated and computer assisted individualized instruction will eventually replace most inefficient bureaucratic teaching methods which try to teach 20 or more students subject matter at the same pace inefficiently instead of at each student’s individual pace. Less money means fewer unnecessary teachers and subjects and more efficient cost effective computerization.

The only place where classroom teaching to many students is vital is in elementary school where impressionable young minds should be taught proper behavioral etiquette and a strong secular moral code. Don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. By the age of 13 all secular students should have learned how to behave socially and have a strong moral code to impulsively lead their lives with so they can go on and work part time for about 4 hours a day at safe jobs in the community to learn work skills and not just goof off in school and not learning any useful job skills in middle and high school. Children desperately need to learn a work ethic and find out how hard and boring a life is without proper useful education in the adult world to motivate them to learn useful technological skills in school.

My evergreen book EDUCATION REFORM shows in detail the necessary educational changes needed to prepare offspring to work successfully in the technological 21st century upon graduation.

Less money for the bureaucracy means more economical computerization and it will hopefully force government to streamline special interest laws and tax rules which add costly expense to the operation of any business.

Less money means more efficient infrastructure work on bridges and roads and beautification where there is a notorious waste of money hiring year round workers for projects which require short duration fast and efficient working schedules and procedures. I have personally seen many work crews of 5 or 6 humans where only one or two were actually working or doing something constructive. Infrastructure work is a gravy train for local union workers and overpaid workers and their local monopoly companies inefficiently raking in taxpayer’s money. The solution is efficient mobile national work crews which travel nationwide and do local infrastructure work for the government only when needed.

Fewer government workers means that they will have to retrain for work in the private sector or have the option of existing on welfare for the rest of their lives and costing taxpayer’s less money in the long duration.

TRUTH: Corporations need lower taxes to stimulate the economy in the long duration:

It may seem that corporations are hoarding money, buying other companies, and not reinvesting in jobs in the private sector despite the fact that with tax loopholes they are paying as much tax as in other advanced countries of the world. The fact is that it is a global economy and corporations will invest money overseas where there is more profit in manufacturing. If corporate taxes were reduced in the United States then not only would national companies want to invest their money here but foreign international corporations would want to invest in the United States and make greater profits on manufacturing for themselves. The net effect would be more jobs for Americans and not less.

However, with robotization, the internet, monopolies, and standardization of parts there will still be many Americans destitute and on welfare into the foreseeable future and changes in welfare laws and changes in voting rights for the destitute welfare unemployed will have to be made to accommodate the armies of unemployed which the government will have to support.

TRUTH: The rich should pay the same percentage of their income in taxes as everyone else in the economy:

Progressive taxation is unjust and forces the rich to seek offshore tax shelters and special interest legislation which gives them more money to keep so the net effect is that the rich actually can pay less taxes than the middle class wage earner. It is way overdue that everyone including the poor workers should be paying the same fixed percentage of their gross income which is about 5%.  To support the growing numbers of humans on welfare a national sales tax of about 10% should be imposed to disincentivize consumption and pay for the growing numbers destitute and on welfare. The national sales tax can be adjusted higher on a periodic basis to take care of the growing numbers on welfare in the near future. Some of the national sales tax can go to reeducating young unemployed and destitute adults and the destitute and unemployed on welfare for useful private sector real jobs in the rapidly changing economy. A dysfunctional status quo economy is no longer acceptable!!!!!!

CONCLUSION: In the long duration we need a smaller more efficient government, less corporate taxation to bring more jobs to the United States, and a just fixed percentage of taxation of about 5% for every working citizen rich or poor so that everyone working will be concerned about high taxation. A fixed percentage of income taxation is just because the rich will still be paying more money in taxes than the lowest paid worker.

Make the government and corporations more efficient and the working taxpayers will benefit by an improved efficient economy with much less of their tax money being wasted by big government and corporate inefficiency.

A more efficient nation and world means less money and energy wasted, less pollution, and a greater probability that biodiversity can survive worldwide and maybe even prosper.


If you like this evergreen blog read more of them and read one or more of my evergreen books, especially COMMON SENSE.