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Butterfly Nebula

MYTH: There is only one creator named God.

TRUTH: Then who created God? Another God?

MYTH: A successful relatively peaceful lasting civilization can exist without trust between the governed and their leaders.

TRUTH: Without trust between the leaders and the governed society will become chaotic and anarchic and to restore order tyranny or rule by the threat of force and the use of force to create fear of punishment or death is the only way to restore some degree of order in the society. Leaders must not lie to the governed and humans must not lie to each other, especially their family.

MYTH: Justice is possible without trustworthy humans with good reputations based on honesty, sincerity, telling the truth, and a good social reputation.

TRUTH: If the judge is untrustworthy or if the jury has untrustworthy citizens and the plaintiffs don’t have a good trustworthy social reputation then injustice is guaranteed. With lying leaders and lying followers true justice is not possible.

MYTH: Artistic expression is vital and necessary for the peaceful harmonious existence of humans and wildlife on the face of this earth.

TRUTH: Almost all artistic expression is mutant imitations of natural beauty which pollute the environment by using up precious natural resources and doom humans to participate in trivial behavior and entertainment not vital to healthy survival on the face of this endangered earth. Artistic expression is mutant propaganda and behavior which is destroying biodiversity at an alarming rate.

MYTH: Human civilization will survive with the continued use of an archaic, overly emotional language with words which have illogical, vague, and inaccurate definitions which are used in an emotionally biased way.

TRUTH: Humans are enslaved in their mutant destructive behaviors by an illogical overly emotional language which glorifies emotional thinking and not logical reasoned thinking which is the only way to save humanity from self-destructing. Humans are emotionally enslaved to a destructive inefficient past and present mythology and have no way out because humans are ruled by the manipulation of their emotions and not based on a necessary unemotional thinking logical reality. Emotions and indoctrination into past and present mythology which lasts a lifetime makes it almost impossible to change the course of human history for the better at the speed which is necessary for natural biodiversity to survive. Without natural biodiversity and its time tested healthy gene pool, human civilization is doomed to extinction sooner than expected.

Language must be efficient and not overly complex with many grammatical rules and too many words to learn which make learning the language time consuming and inefficient and makes its use even more time consuming and inefficient for the duration of the life of the user. An inefficient language dooms the civilization which uses it to an eternity of very undesirable inefficient communications which waste much too much time, energy, and money. Animals in nature communicate efficiently and so must humanity communicate efficiently among themselves!!!!!!

MYTH: Humanity will survive with an inefficient worldwide civilization.

TRUTH: Nature abhors inefficiency and destroys inefficient species. Wildlife communication is efficient and the distribution of natural resources and energy is efficient, and nature efficiently selects the survival of the healthiest and smartest members of each species. Nature does not tolerate handicapped, and diseased and stupid behavior but destroys it. Humanity does not select the most trustworthy, healthiest, and smartest individuals and rewards them with money and successful reproduction so that future generations will benefit. Be fruitful and multiply should apply to the most trustworthy, healthiest, and smartest specimens which humanity has. Without an efficient morality and its application in real life, civilization is doomed. Don’t waste time, energy, and money!!!!!! 666

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If you are unemployed without job skills and no money

If you are the above then most women will not consider you a good potential spouse and will not want to date you or go on a second date, especially if you have lied about having a job. If they are interested in spending their money and only having a good time or if they want you to father offspring so that they can lead the easy life as a welfare mother then you may have some luck having a good time.


You look like and smell like a bum

Most women do not want to be embarrassed in public by your appearance and bad hygiene. Yes there are some unattractive or severely handicapped desperate women who may put up with you if you have a good paying job and look and smell like a bum but a good or bad first impression is made by the way that you look and smell so don’t look and smell and create the impression that you have been eating and living out of commercial trash cans for months.


You are too weird

Staring with eyes bulging, following the woman around, exposing your genitals, talking much about sex, and doing other weird things like not listening, making weird jokes, or talking inappropriately will scare most women off. If you are a glaring social deviate then normative women will fear you.


Excessive praise and making future plans prematurely

Repeatedly praising how smart, intelligent, and beautiful a woman is and starting to make detailed plans about the future family, especially on the first date are signs of an inept bullshit artist or liar who is determined to say all the things to the woman that he thinks she wants to hear from a man.

You are a boring or a bad conversationalist

If you have only one topic that you want to talk about such as politics or religion or sports or sex, have only a handful of boring things to talk about, talk very little without asking questions, or talk too much about yourself and show no interest in the woman then you will scare most women off.


If you have bad or rude etiquette

If you arrive late for a date, make fun of a woman’s looks or opinions, severely criticize a woman, rudely use a mobile phone to text or talk to someone else which is not an emergency, forget to say please and thank you where appropriate, and rudely interrupt the conversation or speaking of a woman then you will scare most women off. No one likes to be degraded or criticized in a rude way in person or in public.


If you like this evergreen blog read more of them and read one or more of my evergreen books, especially COMMON SENSE.