A goal of helping very good (humans and/or goods) and/or services is quality and it will frequently increase efficiency and achievement in the long duration.


Reflection or thinking after every failure and/or success in achieving a goal(s) is important if one is to change or improve on the past mistakes which are responsible for not achieving a goal(s) and/or a plan for future successes.


Reliable behavior or proven systematic actions by people or machines guarantees that a goal(s) will be achieved with a great probability over a relatively long duration.


Respect as a goal can tentatively start by holding an important social position but enduring respect can only come about by having earned a good social position through a series of successful meritorious trustworthy deeds.


When government ceases to protect its citizens from too much immorality or criminal behavior or widespread famine then revolution is highly probable in that society.  Revolution is frequently the means to a goal which tries to change unacceptable governmental injustices frequently through force or great relatively peaceful but angry protests.


Risk is the probability that you will not reach a goal(s).  The greater the risk the less is the probability that you will achieve that goal(s).  As a general principle it may seem that the greater the risk then the greater is the reward but realistically one should realize that many great risky goals are not worth it because the probability of achieving those goals is frequently too low.


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