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Society is infested with bogus or untrue health claims and some even claim to have doctor testimonials or “proven” scientific backing.

If you read about one diet, one food, a nutrition supplement, a pill, or a drug which will help you to lose weight permanently, improve your mind, make you live longer, make you more attractive or beautiful, make you ripped, make your skin healthier, cure geriatric illnesses, and protect you against heart disease or cancer then don’t believe a word of it. It is a bogus untrue claim even if a doctor or scientist claims it is true.

There is no one magic thing that will make you healthier. Only eating a large variety of certified organic food as much as possible in moderation and getting in a little moderate exercise about three times a week will optimize your health unless you have a genetic predisposition to illness. Depart too much from eating moderately and healthily without any exercise and your health will suffer sooner if not later in your life. Stay away from modern sugary overly processed foods as much as possible and try to eat food as close to its natural state as possible.

All doctors, scientists, and nutritionists know much less about food and health than mother nature!!!!!! The latest food fad or miracle cure for weight loss or guaranteed healthy living is a myth and nothing more designed to part you with your hard earned money and common sense which you should conscientiously guard.

This is not a complete list by any means but here are 7 reasons a scientific claim or any claim for that matter is probably bogus or untrue. The link to the article follows.


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