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Asking too many questions:

Asking too many questions during a conversation can create the feeling of an uncomfortable interrogation which feels threatening. You need to ask questions during a conversation to keep it going smoothly but too many repulses humans.

Too much and too fast conversation:

Slow down when talking or you will start including unimportant random thoughts which are not understandable and make it more difficult for humans to follow the thoughts which you are saying too fast. Don’t forget to put emotion into your important facts or opinions and pause a little after making an important point so that it attracts attention and makes humans more attentive to your talking.

Rudely interrupting a conversation:

Some humans are so anxious to get their information across that they will try to rudely inject a thought before you are finished talking. Don’t rudely interrupt unless the human is talking too much and getting off the subject. Interrupting is not rude if you are trying to get the human to return to the subject matter being originally discussed. In most cases patiently wait until the human is finished talking before you respond.

Insisting that you are always right:

Personal pride will frequently tempt you to attack or argue that your opinion is right and another human’s is wrong. Conversation should be more of a calm discussion and not constant intense disagreement. Right or wrong other humans are entitled to keep their opinions if you can’t convince them otherwise with a logical discussion. Humans are very emotionally attached to their wrong or right opinions and they will frequently fight or argue to defend them so try to be as diplomatic about it as possible and reduce emotional exchanges to a minimum. Arguing or fighting over rather trivial opinions may mean losing a friend for no good reason.

Boring and depressing humans:

If you have nothing important to do or say or just want to talk about your depressing problems then it is better to say nothing and not bore the other human and repulse them. Having a good optimistic, honest, and sincere attitude will attract good humans to you and pessimism will attract pessimistic humans who want to join you in mutual misery.

Not reciprocating good feelings and information:

If a human optimistically helps or shares important information with you then thank them or reciprocate by also giving them some important information or help optimistically. Better human bonding exists or better friendships grow when two or more humans reciprocate and share honest, sincere, and truthful good feelings and information.


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