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Nature is efficient. It communicates efficiently, distributes resources such as food and territory efficiently, and rewards the smart and healthy with successful reproduction.

Most humans in civilization are inefficient communicators, don’t budget their time, energy, and money wisely, and have to frequently struggle to eat healthy and have offspring whom they can be proud of.

Do you make many promises and don’t fulfill most of them?

Do you talk too much and don’t solve many problems?

Do you have many casual friends and few if any close ones?

Do you argue much and solve few problems?

Do you spend too much time goofing off and find little time for the important things in your life?

Do you have great debt all the time?

Do you pick up after your offspring and let them lead messy lives?

Do you drive around town much visiting friends and impulsively shopping?

Do you date frequently and find no serious ones?

do you not set priorities in your life consciously,

Do you not have any serious long duration goals?

If you have many of the above characteristics then you are being inefficient with your time, energy, and money and you probably have a good share of misery in your impulsive problematic life.

I can write a book on inefficiency and have devoted many of my evergreen blogs to thinking rationally and being efficient but in a nutshell:

Set priorities and goals in your life,

Schedule your time,

Budget your money,

replace what you don’t now feel are impulsive bad habits with better ones,

acquire new useful knowledge and skills constantly,

and in summary: devote most of your time, energy, and money to the most important things in your life once you have prioritized them with conscientious thinking, planning, and doing. Get off your impulsive emotional butt!!!!!!


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