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You can initially trust a human who may not be trustworthy because they have to prove that they deserve trust through actions which means that they should also be competent, reliable, and/or don’t steal in the area of trust in which they should have expertise.

You can have a seemingly honest and sincere human who isn’t very competent or reliable in a job or career and is someone who is not trustworthy and someone whom you would not want to be in a position of authority.

An unreliable human is frequently one who makes a promise and does not fulfill it. This is a form of lying about the future of one’s potential performance and the human is not really being honest with you. Yes, there are unforeseen future events which can make a promise null and void realistically but a frequent history of unreliability or not fulfilling promises makes one untrustworthy and effectively a compulsive liar.

Can you trust an incompetent mechanic? No, and if a mechanic promises to fix your car and can’t then they are lying about their competence and you can’t trust the mechanic.

If a politician promises to fix the economy and fails to do so they are lying to you and even if they are incompetent and unreliable they should know of this incompetence and unreliability and they are effectively lying to you and are untrustworthy and not deserving of your trust.

Being honest or not lying is the most important human characteristic and if that human is incompetent and unreliable then they are lying to you with untrue promises about their competency and reliability then they are not really being truly honest with you.

Is a new relationship, personal or business, going to be a trustworthy one? Only time will tell unless you have trustworthy humans who claim that the human has a history of trustworthiness. Then you can start trusting them with some degree of reliability.

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