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If you are depressed then you don’t need medication or mind altering drugs but you need to find satisfying and motivating goals which you can commit to.

Some are depressed because of no job, a dead end job, a dysfunctional family life, an absence of good relationships, because of bad health, or a feeling of helplessness and inadequacy to cope with life’s problems. Most depressed humans don’t need drugs but need a radical change in their lifestyle. Psychiatry and psychology are frequently inadequate solutions to a lifestyle problem of sad pessimism rather than a desirable independent optimistic selfsufficient lifestyle.

Primitive tribes almost have no mental illness and depression because they are actively involved in a purposeful life which may be difficult but it is goal oriented and generally satisfying. Modern inactivity, unsatisfying activity, being trapped in repetitive sad thoughts, leading seemingly trivial repetitive lives without active goal achievement and a sense of accomplishment, or seemingly insoluble lingering bad problems is what makes many humans “mentally ill” or behaviorally dysfunctioning and depression is one of the more frequent manifestations of it.

Counseling rarely helps because it merely suggests changes in lifestyle but does not help in eliminating difficult to lose bad habits which should be replaced by good habits which don’t lead to depression. If you are doing things which make you depressed then you have to change to good habits which do not lead to depression. Radical behavior modification is the solution and if you are a young adult or an adult then change is going to be a difficult challenge because most of your life has programmed you to live a depressing dependent lifestyle with minimum selfcontrol over your life.

To get out of your depression you need to find and make new goals to pursue which will lead to the satisfaction of pursuit and accomplishment and will further motivate you to make more goals with hopefully satisfying feelings of pursuit and achievement. Knowing that you are in the process of achieving new worthwhile goals will bring satisfaction in the present and achieving the goals will give satisfaction and motivation to continue with new goal setting in the future.

If you are depressed a healthy body and mind should be your primary goals which means eating healthy, a little exercise, and getting new knowledge and/or skills on a daily basis. Once your body is healthy your mind will follow if you help it along with new knowledge from the internet on finding and achieving goals or finding and achieving solutions to your problems.

This next example probably doesn’t apply to any blogger but illustrates what can be done in the most desperate of life’s circumstances.

If you are depressed and unemployed and destitute then get some help from welfare or live with someone on welfare and make yourself useful by doing household tasks or caring for the offspring.  If you have relatives or family then move in with them and make yourself useful by helping with household tasks and acquire new knowledge and skills while looking for employment on a regular basis. Find any job and commute by walking, bicycle, bus, or scooter until you can afford better transportation.

Share living quarters with others until you are making enough money to live alone. Once you have enough money for a computer then you can reeducate yourself with new knowledge and skills necessary for a better job.

If you have no motivation to improve yourself then start getting used to living a life on welfare for the rest of your life because jobs will get even scarcer in the new technological 21st century. If you are homeless and have no shelter then start getting used to eating out of commercial restaurant dumpsters and make the best of it by finding used clothing from charities.

If you are anti-social and want someone to provide you with food, clothing, and shelter and you can’t survive on your own then do the unthinkable and commit a crime and go to jail where they will take care of your basic needs.

Most of us will not become so desperate that crime will be the only option. For most of us, once you find out what goals you are interested in, no matter how small, then you can start committing to them and start having purpose in your life and your depression will gradually disappear if you are eating healthy and get in some occasional physical and mental exercise!!!!!! Whatever your situation in life, try to remain eternally optimistic and self motivate yourself to do things which make the best out of the situation which you are in.

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