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 1.     Humans lie and deceive for personal benefit and/or to benefit or to hurt others.

Rarely does a human lie to hurt themselves which is a form of masochism or a desperate attempt to get pity or sympathy from others and hopefully gain personally by manipulating another’s emotions. Beggars are sometimes real life examples of humans manipulating human emotions for personal benefit.

 2.     If a human is a member of a group then they may lie and deceive for mutual benefit. Doctors frequently deceive or do not report on the bad medical practices of their coworkers or fellow doctors and the result is hurting their profession as a whole.

 3.     Language with its one word emotional generalized descriptions is structured to make lying and deception inevitable and frequently unintentional.


Lying for personal benefit may be to maintain a good personal reputation or trying to hide an embarrassing, wrong, or immoral personal action which frequently deserves punishment. Lying about another human is sometimes done to maintain that human’s personal reputation for doing something embarrassing, wrong, or immoral which frequently deserves punishment.


Lying for personal benefit to be praised and/or rewarded for something they personally did not do which may hurt another who deserves the praise and/or reward.


Lying and deceiving may be done to hurt another’s reputation or to get praise, a reward, or a material possession from another which is frequently done for personal gain or vindictiveness at the expense of another.


Humans sometimes lie and deceive for personal short duration protection or benefit which they also erroneously hope will be long duration protection or benefit. Humans lie and deceive to protect, benefit, or hurt others. 


Language structure lies and deceives. Language is structured to give yes or no, love or hate, like or dislike, approve or disapprove, beautiful or ugly answers to questions but reality is frequently much different and there are seldom absolutes or generalities which convey the whole truth. Saying that a human is stupid is frequently a lie because that human does not do stupid things all the time.


You may love something about a gift but hate some aspect of it, you may think a dress has the potential to be beautiful if only it did not have one or two ugly features, and you may want to answer that it is yes most of the time but that there are exceptions to the rule and the answer is sometimes no.


An archaic language forces us to lie because of its absolute or general concepts and that is why prejudice prevails because stereotypes of ethnic and political groups are made which are seldom true in all cases for all members of an ethnic or political group. Blacks are lazy and Jews are stingy, Republicans are conservative and Democrats are liberal is the kind of bias which language structure is mostly to blame because of its tendency towards absolute or general one word emotional descriptions.

Offspring frequently try to lie to avoid punishment or condemnation for doing something bad, wrong, or immoral. If offspring hit their sibling or another offspring or steal some toy from a sibling or neighborhood offspring then they may lie to try and maintain a good reputation with their parents and avoid deserved punishment.

Adults are just like offspring and sometimes lie to maintain their reputation and avoid condemnation by others for doing something bad, wrong, or immoral. More frequently adults lie and deceive to get rewards and material benefits from others which they would not be able to do if they told the truth or behaved in trustworthy ways.



Lying and deception are programmed into language usage and it is a struggle trying to use it logically in an unbiased non deceptive way. If you consciously or intentionally lie and deceive it is just a question of time before your lies and deceptions are revealed and your reputation will hit the toilet.

Trustworthiness is a history of being honest, sincere, and telling the truth reliably and that means that if you want an excellent social reputation and want to become a trustworthy leader someday then you should never intentionally lie or deceive.

Personal relationships with other humans, especially family and close friendships will also suffer if you intentionally lie or deceive.

Humans lie and deceive to get rewards that they don’t deserve and to avoid punishment because nature tries to be efficient and lying and deception sometimes seems to be the most efficient way of getting what you want or need, especially if you don’t feel that you will be caught in your lies and deceptions.

Deception is really a hidden lie which language promotes with its irrational, illogical, emotionally biased structure.


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