Schedule your time:

Most humans waste much time, energy, and money by talking too much or socializing too much, by doing trivial relatively unimportant things in their life, and by spending too much time on bad habits which can be improved. One of the most important things which you can do is to prioritize your life and schedule your time away from work so that you have enough time devoted to the things which you think are most important in your life.

Setting a specific time for doing activities is important so the scheduled routine becomes as automatic as possible or becomes a good habit. 8:30 PM put the young offspring to bed by making them put away toys, showering, and dressing for bedtime. 9:00 PM reeducating yourself by learning new knowledge and skills necessary for a better job. 10:00 PM discuss or do things with significant other. 10:30 relax with entertainment. 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM sleep.

Life is not always predictable and your schedule will be interfered with occasionally and you can adjust the times to fit your desired lifestyle but do try to maintain a regular schedule as frequently as possible and you will be establishing good habits to replace the bad ones.


Budget your money:

If you are impulsively spending and living from paycheck to paycheck and never have enough money for emergencies such as car repairs, appliance breakdowns, household repairs, or medical expenses then you should seriously consider budgeting your money. Budgeting your money means planning to spend money on things which you really NEED and not on things which you impulsively WANT. It also means setting up separate savings accounts for future education, retirement, and emergencies.

My evergreen book HOW TO SAVE MONEY can help you with budgeting and money management in general.


Learn to eat healthy:

Nothing is better for your health than eating healthy food. You should gradually switch to eating minimally processed unsweetened varied certified organic food as frequently as possible. No one can automatically switch from fast food and sweet deserts and treats but at least don’t eat them as frequently any more. Consider artificially sweetened or food with sugar added to be eaten as a treat only once or twice a week.

Snack on nuts and fruits and bring healthy sandwiches to work if you eat more than once a day which is not necessary for most sedentary jobs. Experiment with your food and don’t be afraid that you will poison yourself if you try to eat something new, especially if it is a new natural organic fruit, vegetable, nut, or grain.

Eating good healthy nutritious food instead of a habit of eating unhealthy overly processed food is going to be the hardest bad habit to break so do it gradually by scheduling to eat healthy once a week and gradually increase it to eating healthy at least 4 times a week.


Exercise occasionally:

You don’t have to exercise every day and 20 minutes about twice or three times a week is all that you need. You can even go for weeks and months not exercising at all because many of us get enough exercise doing housework and taking care of the offspring. If your job is very stressful then a regular daily exercise routine may help a little in reducing the stress.


Improve your relationship skills:

Learn to be more honest, sincere, and truthful with other humans and you will develop good trustworthy relationships with family, close friends, and acquaintances. Learn how to sincerely care for humans without becoming overly generous with your time, energy, and money.

My evergreen books LOVEALL, MODERN PARENTING, and GOOD MODERN BEHAVIORS can help you to learn what caring or nurturing and protecting means in real life and you will become more respected and admired by the humans which you interact with, especially your family.


Most of us lead very inefficient lives wasting much time, energy, and money which could be better spent elsewhere. Scheduling time for budgeting, healthy eating, exercise, relationships, and important priorities in your life such as education and making them good habits or things which you do on a regular basis will help greatly.

It takes about 3 months before a new habit becomes an automatic good habit so don’t get disappointed if you are not getting instant good results with the new schedule which you are working on. Be persistent and remain as selfmotivated as possible and get other humans, especially your significant other, to encourage you in your new lifestyle changes. Dare to succeed!!!!!!

If you liked this evergreen blog then read more of them and one or more of my evergreen books, especially COMMON SENSE.


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