The ability to use teamwork to achieve a goal(s) is increasingly more important in an interdependent world than the ability to succeed with rugged individualism only.  Businesses and other organizations can succeed with good teamwork and can fail miserably without it.


Thinking about a goal(s) which haven’t been achieved yet will sometimes change some of the means toward achieving the goal(s) and thus make the achievement of the goal(s) easier and/or more probable.


Most goals are achieved by using time, energy, and money.  You have a lifetime to achieve your goals unless you form a foundation to continue to fulfill your desires and/or goals after you die.


The goals which you value and how you value those goals will shape your lifestyle into a relatively unique set of priorities and/or goals which could be called a lifestyle.


A belief in variety not only acknowledges that there is usually more than one means of achieving a goal(s) but that there should be more than one goal in life and that biodiversity is essential to the long duration survival of humanity.  Maintaining variety among humans protects against the dangers of inbreeding health dangers and claims of ethnic superiority.


Someone with vision not only can predict the future to some extent but can also set goal(s) which have a relatively great degree of probability of  achievement at some point in the future.

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