Misfortune tests the sincerity of friends.


When you need friends to make your misfortune more bearable with mental or financial help, this can become a time when the advantages of true friendship are tested.  If your misfortune is great enough you may lose supposed good friends in droves and you will truly have to reassess who your true friends really are.


A friend in need is a friend indeed.


If you still have a friend after a disaster in life, you can call them a true friend.


To have a friend, be a friend.


This just states that friendship is a two way street. Being friendly also causes others to want to be friendly in many instances.


Be gracious to all humans, but choose the best to be your friends.


Bad friends or too many friends can waste your time, energy, and money so be selective and choose the ones that want to improve themselves and can help to support you, at least emotionally, in your goal to make a better life for yourself.



A friend not only supports who you are, but brings out the best in you.


A true friend not only gives you moral support but encourages you to be the best that you can be and sincerely wants your life to improve.


If your friend gossips about others, she gossips about you too.

A gossiping friend is not interested in the truth about humans and will not make a trustworthy friend. If you have secrets which you don’t want to become public knowledge then drop the gossiping friend.


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