Legalization means it will be OK to toke up and get into a mentally impaired state and get behind the wheel and drive. It will be OK to go to work and make many mistakes because you are mellow and don’t really care what happens at work. In either case the public loses from the legalization of marijuana and big business makes a killing profit on an addictive or habit forming drug for at least 10% of users who are very adversely affected.

Yes, smoking marijuana is a non violent crime and it should stay that way to avoid unnecessary violence on the road and lousy performance on the job. There are more potent forms of marijuana which can definitely adversely affect your mental and emotional health and mixed with alcohol it really messes up your mind.

Pleasant mind altering drugs are an escape from reality and an attempt to escape all the bad shit that goes on in personal life and in this world. Personal lives and the world will only get shittier and there will be armies of humans wanting to escape it, if just for a couple of hours a day.

If legalized, those on welfare will have a blast getting drunk and getting high on pot and they won’t care if they or their offspring don’t work a day in their lives. Add crack cocaine to the mix and it is almost a guarantee that most will remain stupid, poor, and drugged from generation to generation!!!!!!

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