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Silence is better than arguing, insincere flattery, and random communication.

We should all learn to talk less and listen more. If you can’t calmly discuss something then it is best to remain silent until emotions die down or until you sense that there is a solution to the emotional topic. When you are at a loss for words or can’t say anything nice and sincere about a person’s behavior then it is best to say nothing. Instead of engaging in much random conversation it is best to listen much and respond appropriately in a short and concise manner or to say nothing at all if the conversation is of a very trivial nature.

Be honest, sincere, trustworthy, and reliable and you will be respected and admired and extend that respect and admiration to humans who are also honest, sincere, trustworthy, and reliable.

Being truthful and fulfilling your promises as frequently as possible is a sign that you can be trusted, respected, and even admired. If you can’t trust someone then you don’t have to respect them and if you are the lying deceptive type then don’t expect to be trusted and respected by others.

Don’t spend all your money on material possessions, especially if it means going into great debt to satisfy your material wants.

Living frugally or being thrifty, saving about 10% of your income for a rainy day and retirement, and investing much of your time, energy, and money on family, close friends, and worthwhile causes such as the conservation of biodiversity will reduce your desires to boast about what you have and increase your desire to boast about what you are doing to make the world better for family, friends, humanity, and biodiversity or wildlife.

Learn to accept change and strive for improvement

In a fast changing technological era many traditional jobs are being replaced by computer software and robots. Accept the fact that you will probably lose your job in your lifetime or have to constantly reeducate yourself and train for a more complex job in the future. A liberal arts college education is no longer going to be a guarantee of a good paying job or career.

Think before you act

We are creatures of impulsive behavior and that includes many bad habits. Instead of impulsively buying something ask first do I NEED it or do I just WANT it?  Instead of impulsively buying an expensive brand name product ask yourself can I get the same value with a cheaper generic product? Instead of impulsively buying food ask first is it a healthy food or am I just buying it to satisfy a craving for a taste sensation? Instead of impulsively arguing stay silent and ask yourself is it worth the emotional bad feelings? 

Think much more before you act and that means asking yourself whether what you are about to do is the most efficient way of doing it or is there an alternate way of doing it which will save me more time, energy, and money?

Don’t be envious of others

Many humans like to brag about their lifestyles and possessions and if there is a human who seems to be leading a more exciting life than you then he or she is probably paying through the nose and is in great debt financially and his or her happy relationships with other humans will probably not last long. Many modern lifestyles with profligate spending and marginal relationships with other humans is frequently a lifestyle which is not worthy of envy or imitation.

If you are envious and trying to get social approval for your lifestyle from almost everyone then stop it because everyone will never agree with everything which you are doing and it is much more important to try and please the humans close to you such as family and close friends than the general public with its lose morals and bad behavior.

Surround yourself with good humans

Surround yourself with optimistic, honest, sincere, trustworthy friends and your life will be much happier than if you associate with pessimistic, unreliable, and untrustworthy friends. Birds of a feather flock together so don’t flock together with humans who will add misery to your life, especially if you are optimistic, honest, sincere, and trustworthy.



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